Celebs, Kids Rally for 'Bully'

Powerful documentary about five bullied kids launched a nationwide crusade.
5:30 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Celebs, Kids Rally for 'Bully'
The playground bully is a Hollywood show we've seen a million times to acts were the -- -- redemptive comeuppance at the end but in real life. They're often the manifestation of cruel parents and their victims can carry lifelong scars. Iraq that it took a movie made well outside of Hollywood to -- that towns and the nation's attention compassion. About a break the cycle here's my co anchor Terry Moran. Behind her power pop music and far out fashions Lady Gaga is -- question is infinitely as crusader lacing her performances with frank talk about it. -- -- for millions of young Americans. Whom I am going to working as hard as I can to. Hopefully hate -- the torment of bullying his wounded generations of Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep was called -- This one bully. Was hitting my legs with a stick until they -- street spoke at a Manhattan screening for a powerful new movie. -- simply board. -- The heart of the -- -- the story of the fifteen year old Iowa Alex Libby who was unexpectedly emerging as one of the heroes of the anti bullying movement. -- just don't -- me. All that. -- -- By word of mouth and social media and a big Hollywood studio -- bully has become from move. When Truman. Bingo room includes from me. This Christmas or -- I don't know Google. This is a movie that takes you inside the real world of bullies their victims and the adults who somehow can't seem to stop. They're stabbing him with pencils. And choking him. You know I wish -- -- -- make it stop on -- -- I -- -- you. -- -- The film opens an astonishing window into the lives of millions of kids thirteen million a year according to one -- What relentlessly -- and physically attacked in our schools every single day I was bullied -- kid. Lee Hirsch is the director who made bully. It's deeply personal and. I want introduce you guys to Alex. Kids because you're going -- unsung heroes. Because they're so strong. Three years ago when Lee -- showed up with his cameras in Sioux City, Iowa things were tough for Alex living. And real. Bullying can be akin to torture. And we don't tolerate that. And so we ought not in these situations. So one of the things that you wanna do with this movie is break the silence and start a kind of revolution. For the kids are being -- -- man -- -- boy committed suicide last week but for some kids. For far too many it is too late for personal life a fifteen year old girl in Massachusetts a seventeen year old boy in Georgia Tyler long. Who killed himself in 2009. Erika bell office Latin -- but -- -- -- But it was too -- ABC's 20/20 met belongs a year after Tyler's death his mom Tina says. He just couldn't take the abuses school anymore. Because such an easy Sobel. He never could understand why. People this. The loans have gone from grieving to leading the fight against -- and the movie were counts their journey. My -- -- -- our. -- go to my grave. Until -- differences -- doesn't help the work you're doing now to help deal with the pain wrong. It does. I don't think the -- we're going but -- years you. He gives you hope. It's a perfect message for kids but the movie's been -- -- due to the use of bad language and that means the kids who could get the most from this remarkable film. Can't see it without an adult. And Terry -- Katy Butler. We're missing the entire target audience. -- seventeen years old and -- bullying survivor herself decided to fight the Motion Picture Association of America which gave the movie it's. -- look at -- citizens need to see this movie. We'll have a very hard time seeing it because of that -- innings. And I chased out of our hands kind of petition using their inning. So far more than 450000. People have signed the petition including Johnny Depp Justin Bieber Kelly rip -- It should be mandatory viewing for -- kids going into middle school and Ellen DeGeneres I have signed it and I hope you will too but as of now the rating for belief. -- -- -- We joined Alex Libby and Lee Hirsch and belongs -- people who are part of fully. First screening in Washington DC for them and for so many others they want this moment to be -- call to action. I thank -- young people are finally saying enough is enough and that's what it's gonna take to change a culture and climate. A dream maybe but Alex -- journey out of the darkness of our bully and culture is one we can all make. He'll lead the wing when people ask you for advice to make you feel good for a and teaching. I feel like I'm actually teaching them soon. How to. -- world a better place and as they say things to get there. Alex's school district says since filming -- -- new policies including increased cameras on buses and that they allowed the filmmakers in in an effort to engage the national discourse. On bullying coming up here tomorrow on ABC an exclusive interview. The man at the center of the famous rockers bullying trial they -- Robbie was just convicted of a hate crime for using a webcam to spy and is gay roommate Tyler Clemente. Who later committed suicide. Do you hate gay people who don't I don't get it do you fear game he now do you -- not be around gay people I don't I don't diplomats bill. Do you believe Tyler Clementi was intimidated by you and your actions you knew that I wasn't trying to like -- and who's gay and -- because he was day. I think Anderson. If you come from the -- confident that. -- almost full interview will air tomorrow on 20/20.

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{"id":15983857,"title":"Celebs, Kids Rally for 'Bully'","duration":"5:30","description":"Powerful documentary about five bullied kids launched a nationwide crusade.","url":"/Nightline/video/celebs-kids-rally-bully-rating-15983857","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}