Secrets of Seduction

The guys of "Simple Pickup" show off their skills for getting girls' numbers.
3:00 | 12/01/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Secrets of Seduction
Well when it comes to the ancient art of romance some menus flowers. Some means chocolate others put their faith. In astrology but three young men say they've elevated the art of seduction into a science they call their -- technique. This simple pick up and they say that anyone can learn their signature moves ABC's Sharon -- finally put them to the testing New York City. Perhaps -- night swearing Tooth Fairy costume shop uneasiness. And yes he's hitting on a girl he just met outside -- sex I wanna hang out yet. And yes for some reason she's giving him her phone number politics sometimes it. Not to be outdone his two friends dressed -- Super Mario and I'm voting -- yes you can you can -- -- and this statue of liberty position. Also get numbers from -- Giving him -- -- aren't these cost him Casanova. Jessie called and adjacent stall and picked up. Internet sensation. -- the fine -- -- -- -- it. I thought what -- it it does not matter what your payments can actually called them. -- we don't call any of the numbers because. We actually do this off camera so much. That we already have enough numbers from -- the high class problem it's a really good problems happened I would say. It is through. Girls they don't think twice about breaking out bad magic tricks -- tonight. I'm going to make it. For acting like Harry Potter and putting skulls -- you guys. -- -- -- -- is there anything you want -- his. I'm excited as in -- there. If people think like some people think that we were in -- -- -- TV phone numbers. We were trying to show that doesn't matter that if you're a wheelchair you can still meet new people the only witness got to work you're always on top. So we can take your heart out. I'm sure people look at this got -- my next. Instead there again they're really making fun of women we respect their privacy as much as possible because we obviously the faces of the -- walk away thinking that at it's really -- And you just thought that they were -- and -- -- track and actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There hunting ground is normally college campuses in California. -- we wanted to try out -- game on a notoriously tough crowd. The women of New York City. First up Jesse and they -- adorable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I'm like -- really border and three numbers in forty minutes did you think you can pick you up like it's paid for thank. And I didn't dispute. If anybody -- -- with -- aria yeah and especially the city itself this. Second call and then I thought you guys about -- right. I'm just sitting -- about you guys are here that -- it -- about Mary fees and -- local resident. Palace even contact -- tax. Two numbers in twenty minutes. The. But then as -- demonstrates the list today then that means you. By and it's not always as easy yes it looks in their videos. Class in the island -- -- -- -- But as Jason says is an important message be prepared to bail I was -- -- It's going to happen. A lot the first -- -- minutes -- just. Just nonstop blowouts now -- -- that happens I know -- get over it move on just. -- time we are about to give up on him when he takes a seat next to a beautiful blonde reading on the bench guys. There and Baghdad. A couple more compliments and smoldering but screens the looks later CN Drina from Montreal has given -- for number. -- as confident. I mean girls on -- confident. Actually more than look you actually got her phone number and now they -- aid -- -- -- -- -- -- The second and than it. But as the guys are wrapping up suddenly they're the ones being approached. Guys some -- in my life by fans -- simple pick -- YouTube videos. How do you talk to a girl because of that -- I -- Kenya today I -- expired NN. And this the guys say is -- simple pick up is all about. Teaching average guys they -- who can pick up that hot girls do you mean an inspirational and you -- be funny. I've always personally each I've always terms of helping people so I guess in today's news should go -- at -- an armed and trained to hunt pick -- -- -- the -- this is also. It's helping people in a way that I can also have fun in the -- less than average looking guys all you need to do is just be confident and comfortable -- yourself. Even if you're making everyone else around you a little uncomfortable. Than you realize you just killed our future children. For Nightline I'm Sharon -- fancy in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The guys of \"Simple Pickup\" show off their skills for getting girls' numbers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15061569","title":"Secrets of Seduction","url":"/Nightline/video/challenging-secrets-seduction-15061569"}