Charity Chic: Eyewear Designer Gives Back

Warby Parker is famous for selling glasses, but they also give pairs to the needy.
4:08 | 08/02/12

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Transcript for Charity Chic: Eyewear Designer Gives Back
From a Hollywood stars to everyone else it seems the most stylish thing you can do these days is accessorized with tote bags shoes and now even -- glasses that are designed. To help fight poverty across the world ABC's be on a -- -- bigger shows us how you can look cool while helping others. Look close enough and you'll see fashion's latest like -- right before your eyes. Turns out -- today are much more than two lenses and a frame and the new hot branded eyewear war B Parker. The end of the day it's a -- and accessory I then use that as many pairs as you have -- or handbags. When it helped throw Ashton Kutcher and you -- the stars just can't get enough of these trendy bags. Not only because they look good but also because they're doing good. Calling charity chic or B Parker says that for every parent frames inside they can't -- to one of the nearly a billion people around the globe. Who can't afford them you can imagine that child in school when that's able to see the blackboard where Taylor that -- to thread a needle. Let's -- we discussed the fifty employee mark puts it. Worthy Parker is the brainchild of -- Blumenthal and David -- -- Buddies who went to business school together and started the company when they realize how cheap it really is to make a pair of glasses. In. Quite make sense suspect glasses cost as much as an iPhone and could we produce the same quality glasses for fraction of the price an optical shop. Often is marking up glasses three to five times what they're paying for them wholesale. So while designer frames can cost hundreds of dollars at -- Parker you'll only pay 95 dollars. How do you get that price down to 95 dollars from five -- 300 dollars where we've bypassed the middleman in knowing we -- looking at this industry we found that. It was controlled by few very large companies and we could literally provide all of the march -- that was going to these big companies to normal people. The -- realize -- not only could they sell stylish glasses cheaply at home. They could also literally give them a way to people in places as far away from the fashion runways as you can get. The whole process starts here where you don't even have to go to one of their show rooms. We have some pretty cool facial recognition technology. He can upload a photo of yourself read your webcam and virtually took the glasses on her face and see what -- look like. And then order frames to try on via mail -- And receiving enough and fast track and we'll send you five -- in the mail without prescription lenses for free. Figure out which bring you like include a free return shipping labels he sent off -- glasses back to -- month your prescription and then we'll go ahead and make your custom here. Once a customer buys another pair of glasses is donated to someone in need in one of three different countries India El Salvador and Guatemala. Where the company works with local women who travel from village to village and provide eye exams for three. The project started two years ago and was almost an immediate success. And -- -- -- were standing in my kitchen -- debating. Okay well we're -- quickly sell out of this style what do we do so at that point we figured you know I. We have to shut down certain parts of the -- -- profusely apologize to people probably -- -- -- -- -- -- Parker is safe for profit business that they wouldn't tell us how much money they've made in the last two years that the female Harry Potter. What they do say is that they've given away over 200000. Pairs of glasses. Today -- in David travel a lot to personally ensure the women are being trained properly to conduct eye exams. We were just in India and if we were speaking to these two Brothers that were farmers and they were telling us this terrible story about how they lost an entire crop. Because they couldn't see the insects that were basically eating through their crop and she's amazing -- it simple pair of glasses can do. They've also learned quite a bit about local style and taste. It's -- and differs from community to community. And -- -- king you could be of course person on -- but still care about how you look in place like in the environment -- people -- -- -- friends. Yet I consult us as well here and -- and that it. For Nightline I'm beyond a -- -- get in New York.

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{"id":16910078,"title":"Charity Chic: Eyewear Designer Gives Back","duration":"4:08","description":"Warby Parker is famous for selling glasses, but they also give pairs to the needy.","url":"/Nightline/video/charity-chic-eyewear-designer-back-16910078","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}