Children of the Plains in Poverty

"World News'" Diane Sawyer looks at the impoverished life on reservations.
5:15 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Children of the Plains in Poverty
February 2009 was an especially proud that time here at ABC news when it came with the debut of hidden America children the appellation mountains. A year long investigation into the lives of the most amazing people that you've never known before Diane Sawyer and her team won a slew of awards for that. Deservedly so it is one of my favorite moments and I heard about the new follow up children of the plans. And we couldn't wait to talk to about it. They are triumphant. Warriors these children and of course they're fighting a very 21 century war and one thing to and what they teach us. First of all made a state a year and a half this time. Because of their stories of what happened -- that we know it's the Lakota Sioux and Sosa who's who of South Dakota and they the reservations there are of the poorest places. In America right now and we think of traveling the world to find Third World poverty but there is poverty right here and there is so. Much drew lean mean. And for the millions and cited from these kids. They are dreamers and survivor. Their faces harking back to do warrior ancestors. And their spirits are back to. These children of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation who refuse to be defeated the astonishing children. And always see a distant horizon. We -- up in the hills of the pine ridge where a twelve year old girl says she wants to tell us about the land she loves and beautiful. She isn't Louise Clifford. Who wants a beautiful future -- honoring her past. Everything state gave the -- and seen. The TV's -- says the buffalo. Everything just gets me because this guy -- my. Moon. And on this night we go to her home it is freezing. She takes me into her tween -- room. All pink beads I have this year it's very close air. Do you ever watch families on TV and -- think -- keeping our. I can only -- and when they have been so that I -- have everything. And Norman. I can be and I couldn't play between them. -- Breadwinner of her fifth. Part of called him. But even the strongest spirit. Can be crushed when the wait is just too much. The mother she -- is an alcoholic and Louise is constantly terrified. Something will happen to -- Free. -- Her grandfather and seagate made a decision especially difficult and what kind of culture asking permission on this other -- counselors. He gave him an emergency custody of his grandchild. You -- show it's happening right now. I think -- and we've had been. Lisa's mother's sister. Sobbed the now -- -- There is so little help on the reservation. -- -- my teachers and the principal of the school are trying to watch over her. Our goal -- score a lot. Coming in -- about school work I love -- war. Surrounded by the worry of today. And so much uncertainty about the future. But she has a prayer -- to strengthen her prayers. With little bag of marbles from the medicine man representing her family's. Social remember she's not alone. The news came in here. Please. Since that day He added you eat me and stands against them in. And explain to me that standards highest mothers -- is blown down and mountains. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And again you should now -- strength. And courage -- the -- The. All American. Her heroism true heroism of these kids -- what shines through this whole hour. I -- -- -- senior react to stories around the world but and we watched this tomorrow night I want to know what is the moment Diane Sawyer was most moved by. It's so hard to pick but I'm sitting with the kid who. Is surrounded by. So little that would encourage him and He wants to be president of the United States He has been -- and its culture that. That there's a smooth road and all the kids out there in America have so much lucky and that but there's also -- muddy road that kids like Kevin can travel. And maybe sometimes they get strong -- can't wait to see thank you so much. -- hour -- special hidden America children of the planes. -- -- 10 PM eastern 9 central.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"\"World News'\" Diane Sawyer looks at the impoverished life on reservations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14734536","title":"Children of the Plains in Poverty","url":"/Nightline/video/children-plains-poverty-14734536"}