Christie Brinkley's Ex on Nasty Divorce

Peter Cook claims his supermodel ex-wife is throwing family "under the bus."
3:53 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Christie Brinkley's Ex on Nasty Divorce
It's not just for the rich and famous and more nasty breakups exposed for all the world to see online on FaceBook and Twitter. Now it's easy to read up on the sordid details of battles being fought by couples you barely know. But all that TMI. Can come at a price and Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook are the prime examples of what can happen. To a break up gone viral. Here's ABC's Elizabeth Vargas. Christie -- world famous for his stunning beauty. But the brawl between Brinkley and her ex husband Peter Cook is getting pretty ugly. They could have kept -- -- Friday but there at that personal battle is now a public spectacle. It is a war of words between a famously feuding former couple she's requesting he be put -- -- all -- that's on the front page of the motion. Four years after their divorce trial and right before she set to star in the musical Chicago -- smacked -- with new legal papers. This time she claims he violated their divorce court ruling by sending her aggressive emails. She wants him to pay her a 140000. Dollar fine or go to jail so how to make it to be so public. I don't know I responded to her and we filed our guard. Cross -- on her two to defend myself against her allegations and I can only imagine that she made a public and I think the whole thing could have been. Staged to coincide with her return to on the stage in Chicago you think she's orchestrating this for publicity for her song knowing the content of her. -- I can imagine. And the other reason why should have filed this. If not publicity or revenge -- may be simply asking -- to hold up his into the deal. In 2008 after what seemed to be a picture perfect ten your marriage and it all ended. Cook a renowned architect in the high priced Hamptons confess to watching online porn and having an affair with his eighteen year old -- he. Brinkley filed for divorce. Optimistic about second -- Oh yes -- A very public and personal trial and soon. Do you think that in some respects. She's able to find a sympathetic ear in some corners because of the way your marriage ended because of that -- nasty divorce of the revelations about. Your failures and that marriage. -- I was punished -- thoroughly for -- indiscretions in my arms. Four years ago. And I don't think it's fair to punish me every year over and over and over here. His resentment reached a breaking point this week. A Brinkley -- called him a deadbeat dad in a New York Daily News article a fuming cook shot back in an online blog. You wrote also in this block quote her Billy Joel's uptown girl music video fame faded long ago and the only thing left for her to garner media attention is to continue to publicize the tawdry details of her nasty divorce. Well don't you think this is a bit of a scorched earth policy -- sure to write something like. That's absolutely but I've I've been called deadbeat dad I've -- being vilified in the press by -- -- for something she started you're accusing her of. Throwing her kids under the bus polish soliciting her kicked her -- I -- -- Do you regret writing any evidence is. Not at all now to be honest this sounds -- -- business but I was pushed for that. I was. The world was lied to him. Christie Brinkley was victim. I'm being harassed he's coming after me partisan -- trying to. Get all my life I didn't do anything to her I was not -- grass Lenore was later -- the aggressor in those early emails since the same thing. I might become aggressive I'm aggressive here -- -- angry. Cook says he hasn't communicated directly with Brinkley in two years. All contact regarding their two teenage children is through her lawyers everything from pick -- time to pediatricians bills. From the outside looking and forgive me it can seem like two squabbling teenager -- It seems very petty but the problem is that. Miss Brinkley doesn't think what she thinks that these agreements were crafted to govern. Me and me alone that the rules don't apply to her what do you still tight well that she would she'd she filed a claim that I wasn't paying child support. When she took off to do Broadway last year from march to its allies for children my full -- care. So -- -- lawyers who said you know hey she's gone pockets on full time haven't we reversed child support for the current period. So you apple not to pay child support to hurt during the time period that you had poor kids craft their -- you a 100% of the hunt for some time. He says as soon as it became clear that Brinkley wouldn't cooperate he paid her the money and yet she still went after him I'm. Here -- not to attack Christie Brinkley but the defend myself because to be called a deadbeat dad. To me and so. Such a horrible spiteful vengeful thing to say besides weapons. Totally untrue withhold resources. If I was a bad guy if you get eighty million dollars wouldn't let the bad guy having kids for -- day. Or would you fight him so it never has content those children again. She gave me 40%. Since then she's allowed up to 7% it is -- emotions often Broadway so. Which isn't -- the villain that you're gonna. Publicly castrate as she's doing currently in the press or -- the good dad because in a few weeks she's the -- -- of the kids communicate. -- in his statement to ABC news Brinkley's lawyer Tom companions says she has sole custody of the children. And anything suggesting otherwise was quote delusional. He added when she's away from more than two days per the court the kids are required to be with their father something -- fought against. Both sides claim to have emails from the other proving their allegations. And while the couple settled midway through their divorce case in this round cook says he will not stop this fight. Why would Christie Brinkley who is purported be worth tens upon tens of millions of dollars. The -- new and squabbling about expenses that are a couple hundred dollars. Here's that's that's awaits -- harass me because. Celebrities can. He moneyed people on celebrities can abuse the legal system they can go in for artist I'm 100000 dollars on lawyers has to jerk me around. It's not snow swept firm for me it's that significant cut in my network of my future and my kids' futures with me. -- -- game for -- sadly it seems to be their children who were caught in the middle. I'm Elizabeth Vargas for Nightline in New York.

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{"id":15874109,"title":"Christie Brinkley's Ex on Nasty Divorce ","duration":"3:53","description":"Peter Cook claims his supermodel ex-wife is throwing family \"under the bus.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/christie-brinkleys-nasty-divorce-15874109","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}