Christmas Deliveries: Will They Make It?

Online shopping is at an all-time high, but bad weather is holding up deliveries
3:00 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Christmas Deliveries: Will They Make It?
It is the first night of winter we have two more nights fewer Christmas. And so the travel forecasts looms large for so many of you out there among nature. Has been tough fund Denver already bringing to half feet of snow which canceled over a hundred flights another major storm. Down south brought wind damage across five states with a confirmed tornado touched down in Alabama reports of another in Rome Georgia just a few hours ago. And tomorrow that same system -- motor -- the eastern seaboard bringing rain and possibly snow to the north east and travelers. Are not the only ones affected by all of this anyone what they package flying around out there en route to a special someone. Should know that the -- shipping companies are dealing with both whether. And record demand Americans spent 32 billion -- shopping online this holiday that's up 15% from last year and they're not done. Because it wouldn't be Christmas without a little old fashioned procrastination. It's time here -- proves there are two kinds of people. Those who completed their shopping and shipping weeks ago. And the other 99%. More than in an and -- thickening of the heart. You realize it probably and what's more and shipping manual for the -- itself I will in fact -- didn't -- Should -- -- -- itself and OK with. You can get it there got a -- -- Peterson -- to let you can't blame them for buying into the magical story of American retail it'll and that makes flying reindeer seem lame. With promises of a Christmas Eve delivery if you order by 1 PM tomorrow. How in the name of time and space is that even possible. While stores like Urban Outfitters are betting their reputations on the muscles and with some guys like -- Any part of a global UPS team that today and delivered a hundred packages -- The onset of and it really change the way -- A lot of people. Ordering online. Lots of different companies offer a free shipping discounted price he's. Meaning if you take advantage of that myself included. But if you're paying your own freight brace yourself -- -- a five -- package from New York to LA tomorrow UPS and FedEx say it will get there by Christmas Eve. But you'll pay around -- 140 dollars. An exchange your gift to get a ride and a couple of the 549. Jets UPS flies -- -- -- -- around 23 times. While that -- some of the 155. Miles of conveyor belts. At their monster hub in -- eventually catching a final -- on one of the 93736. Relay -- vehicles. Buzzing around the globe. But all the horsepower jet powered computing power means nothing if the weather turns Green she. And that's why on nights like this the hopes and dreams of children everywhere rest on the shoulders of Jim we've got a line of thunderstorms going through the southeast right now. Atlanta as one of our busier airports in the evening as a UPS meteorologist. When the alarm comes out of his workshop. Thousands of people have to adjust. And -- for this year. Our prediction for this holiday season is very -- there will be snow it's north of the airports will relent or large jets. So I believe all those packages will be able to be delivered on time I would say everybody's in good shape to get their packages from UPS this here. Meanwhile the weather watchers at FedEx have a set up that rivals the National Hurricane Center and they are warning that the storms in Colorado. Could cause some package delays out last. And then there's the human element and what do you think of people who mailer packages so late procrastinators. And right a liar. Maybe you'll get there on time. -- -- feel the UPS bosses cringing at that admission just like the ones that fed -- who had to apologize for this rather rough delivery of a computer monitor. And the post office in Florida just delivered a package that was sent out fifteen days before last Christmas. But even some of the big stores are red faced tonight best buys apologizing for failing deliver items ordered on line around Thanksgiving. So even the early birds are at the mercy of a system that occasionally stumbles but only rarely. Still manages to get hundreds of millions of gifts under the tree on time. Kind of miracle comes with the hard work. How it didn't help us.

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{"id":15218142,"title":"Christmas Deliveries: Will They Make It?","duration":"3:00","description":"Online shopping is at an all-time high, but bad weather is holding up deliveries","url":"/Nightline/video/christmas-deliveries-make-15218142","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}