Democratic National Convention: Report Card

Analysis of the good, the bad and everything in between at the Democratic National Convention.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Democratic National Convention: Report Card
Tonight the Democrats have their work cut out -- turned to build the enthusiasm. Might be missing out there on the grass -- is building in this hall that they pass the high marks. -- did they fail. We asked Matt -- chief strategist for the 2004 bush Cheney campaign and ABC news consultant so let's -- what happened tonight for the big dog with a big speak pretty big speech today. I mean he can give a speech. -- -- -- -- He loved doing -- the crowd loves him and overall area and as a political professional when you see him go on. And on and I've been told about the teleprompter operators who when he ad -- searches frantically trying to find out where is what you think of -- I just eat -- a throwback you feel like you're thrown -- don't want him to stop actually most people listening to want him to keep on whether or not you agree with him or disagree with them. You just love to listen to that it's as if you're listening to the radio 75 years ago and you wanted to keep going. -- twenty years ago he won the presidency on the slogan. -- cardinals' line. It's the economy stupid that's the issue. In this election how to do and that I would give him slightly lower I would -- -- beyond that I think his job was to sort of connect better with Barack Obama what Barack Obama's argument he makes he started it he gave a chunk of it but I thought he spent too much time. At some of the other things Medicare -- its debt and and not enough time on the number one issue because Obama does need that that sense of what is the plan. What is the economic vision that he's got. The positive vision that people would vote for. And Clinton didn't really feel of those blood -- everybody in -- -- that are -- when -- -- you better -- they were four years ago they said yes but it yes that to the voters are ultimately decide this election in Ohio and Michigan the undecided voters in Virginia. They're not gonna say yes they're gonna -- not so not so much he didn't quite bridge that gap so a little bit lower marks in the economy and finally. One of the jobs he had. Well you know it. Take the -- to the other side a little bit red meat throw out that the partisan lines how did he handle that as an ex president and Democrat I think that ripped in two -- he gets an -- for that first person him just walked out on stage almost instantly yet. This crowd have so. Just his presence who is what you mean for the -- -- -- -- And then the way he delivered at the we made fun of the Republicans the way he did in the Tony -- deliberate the -- serious points he made. In the issues confronting them and telling the truth. I thought the crowd loved it I think the Democrats -- but I think he closed to a large -- that enthusiasm gap. Doesn't solve the election but he started to close that gap which was a huge thing he needed it tonight and he did those parts of -- of -- little bit of two. He didn't interest single social issues so -- -- -- have appealed to the -- didn't mention a single -- -- he did at all with economic and and and for fiscal issues and the astute mapped out. Went to Ken thanks very much from him.

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{"id":17168374,"title":"Democratic National Convention: Report Card","duration":"3:00","description":"Analysis of the good, the bad and everything in between at the Democratic National Convention.","url":"/Nightline/video/clintons-speech-dnc-report-card-17168374","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}