Clooney, 'Kony' Filmmaker in Handcuffs

George Clooney arrested in Sudan protest, "Kony 2012" star has a meltdown.
2:30 | 03/17/12

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Transcript for Clooney, 'Kony' Filmmaker in Handcuffs
What did George Clooney and Jason Russell star of the coney 2012 video that got a hundred million hits have in common. For one they're both known for their vocal activists in the far reaches of Africa. For another they were both arrested today and while they both use the media spotlight to advance their causes. Today demonstrates that there's a fine line between being famous. And becoming infamous here's ABC's David -- Today two very different men were arrested for two very different reasons that aren't final warning you will be -- The image of George Clooney and cups is something in normally only see in a movie. Arrested today for Civil Disobedience. Outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington Georgia has had a pretty amazing -- PR wise if we work together all of us we can't fail. That last part is justified. His arrest capped off a carefully scripted Washington whirlwind complete with several wardrobe changes. He gets all this press for going to the White House -- and Siemens -- the next day he has a private meeting with the president. And his business -- All -- really -- it -- amplify it. The situation and hope to bring a spotlight through -- and and today he ends the week by getting arrested -- was well orchestrated it was kind of brilliant. Does this hurt him in anyway there is no way that this was anything but continue the quorum. From -- The arrest of 33 year old Jason Russell was -- -- carefully scripted quite the contrary. -- caught him on camera shortly before he was detained in San Diego last night for allegedly being drunk. Naked and masturbating in public. The case that may well have been relegated to an embarrassing little corner of the local police blotter. Except for the fact that Russell co founded invisible children. Group that produced this video -- 2012 that went viral last week. Ironically he enlisted stars including Justin Bieber Ryan Seacrest and Oprah who tweeted their endorsements to their millions of fans. Now because he was so successful generating buzz his arrest is that much more embarrassing its international news. Today invisible children seemed to blame Russell's breakdown on the intense exposure he generated. Noting the past two weeks have taken a severe emotional -- are all of us Jason especially. We live in the world work any controversy gets magnified -- negative gets magnified. People like -- the feedback society. Fifteen bombs. Tiny village where both men have been trying to focus the world's attention on Africa. Clooney's cause is the humanitarian crisis in Darfur Russell a -- resistance group in Uganda. Both in the news today because of these separate arrests. It's guards have to be extra careful while the causes and take well that it's a good questions to each celebrity has their own DNA. And the public feels it's certainly one of them. You're probably gonna -- a certain amount I think he's great. Certain amount who can't stand him some stars have too many mug shots to be effective advocates for a cause. Martin Sheen has been arrested more than sixty times earning him the dubious distinction. A being the celebrity with the most mug shots can you name any of those causes. Which begs the question to what extent will the notoriety of these arrests helped or hurt the causes. And Jason Russell's case the answer is kind of obvious -- -- means it's not so clear. Women are charmed by him and want to be with him then wanna be. Every one. In the public. -- -- -- George Clooney. Rarely see anyone do it better he's not afraid to take a political. People are more and dear to him. For -- yes it helps Clooney but really -- Darfur that's the open question. Today Twitter users rift on the hash tag Clooney's crimes among them. Driving while intoxicating. And statutory dream -- They were talking about him not them I'm David Wright for Nightline in Los.

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{"id":15942890,"title":"Clooney, 'Kony' Filmmaker in Handcuffs","duration":"2:30","description":"George Clooney arrested in Sudan protest, \"Kony 2012\" star has a meltdown.","url":"/Nightline/video/clooney-kony-filmmaker-handcuffs-15942890","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}