Coalition forces attack Syria days after suspected chemical attack

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has denied using chemical agents on his own people.
6:44 | 04/14/18

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Transcript for Coalition forces attack Syria days after suspected chemical attack
and feeling secure in where you are. Visit . If ire just joining , three targets were destroyed, including cientificesearch center, hel weapons storage facility,nd a military command post. Tonight's attack was in response to the Assad regime's alleged emical weans attacks on innocecivilians, the math onightces back years. Abian ps in Lund with more. Ian. Nk you. We've hadctionn London, also from Paris. Messages of supportor the president and the mily has also beeinvolved. The attack was not as extensive asyfeared. Amidst all the talk, let's not forget that this began with the death of dozens of men, women, and children. The U.S. Strike Syria comes less than aeeer a suspected chemicalttk on Mais, a rebel distrnear the capital. For some, I crossed a new red line. E attack triggered in par by these ag,o graphic we can't even show Y wor of was the apparent afteh. Chen pouring into a makeshift clinic, eyes burnin foaming at themoh. Many struggl just to St alive and some failing to. Od is thest day I tched here. He tended the situation. It's too because because of theigh anybody of injury and the few enough medical tea Reporter: Reb activists and rescuers say perha 40 or more dieds, suffocating from a unknownsubstance.syrian president bashar Al Assad has denied responsibility for tack Bute denies its. Thesis was rapidly escalatesed tensions in the internationammunity. We are beyond showing pictures of Dea babies. We aey appeals to conscious. Reporte at the U.N., divisions were with the U.S. And alliese France and the United Kingdom on one side. The Mon STO responsible for these attacks. Reporter: Nice and new and smart missiles WOU B come. For its part, the kin fused to engage. Donald Trump earlier tweeted blaminian president put for backing irian present. He may. If he does going to be very tough. He'll pay a price? Everybo's going to pay a price.hel, everybo will. The S gt is paying that price T. After aveyear civil war that's killed 400,000 people and decimated entire cities with exodus of over five and a half ion. He's killing H owneople and he continues kill hundreds of thousands of the Obama said they'd cross a R line and bringnormous consequences for Syria's president. A red line for U is wert seeing ale bunch of chemical apoving a or being utilized. W change my callus -- calc until just over a year ago whenorts emerged of att in town, more than 80 people wereled. THA crosses many, many lines, beyond the red line. Within days pl ordered air strikes on the Syrian airfieseto launch the chemical attack. Wropped those missiles last year it was- seemed so big so alag and 59 tomahawkmissiles. The truth is it wasretty strike. And thefield back in servicit 24 hours ago. President trump weeks ago expressed a desire to troops out Syria. In terms ohe mission of that is getting ridf ISIS. We've almostompleted that task. Reporter: It'he seernl jet St -- Syrian regime that's launch attacks over the last year ading to the U.N. Obviouslyhat we didast year has deterred H as he has continued to kill his people. Reportet' aost daily age ofbs from conventional warfare that's taken T biggest toll since fighting broke out S the president and R gs years ago. I saw the horrors of the civil war early on reporting fhe bbc. This hospital was overwhelmed every day byualties. The situations one of unbelile chaos. We've been here jus a few Tes, and patients are G brought in as patients W under trying toeep them alive. Part ofegime campaign of killing on an industrial scale. Tonight, it's americanbombs, Syrian or Russian ones that arexploding across the count asensions in the region rise furt but for T children a families of syrihi unlikely to bring relief. As the world waits te what you've spentsiderable time on the ground in Syria. Bottom line, will teept'sttack affect the future? T'sll discussion about everng that's ppened. I think the sad reaat the chances are that those N, and children may well be protected from chemical weapons. Thill not be protected from people are estimated to ha died in the Syrian civil war. Ths not over. Assad and Russia and Ira will continue to bomb,aybe not ING Clemson but certainly additional ones. Stark rty. Thank you uch.

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{"id":54464331,"title":"Coalition forces attack Syria days after suspected chemical attack ","duration":"6:44","description":"Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has denied using chemical agents on his own people.","url":"/Nightline/video/coalition-forces-attack-syria-days-suspected-chemical-attack-54464331","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}