Cohen pleads guilty, Manafort found guilty on 8 counts

Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to illegal campaign contributions "at the direction of a candidate for federal office," while Paul Manafort was found guilty at trial.
8:50 | 08/22/18

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Transcript for Cohen pleads guilty, Manafort found guilty on 8 counts
couldn't invent. Tonight at a rally in W Virginia, the president T the Russia investigation gusto. Fake news and the Russian wih hunt. We got a whole big cbination. Is collusion orter: But he declined to adds the two headlines that emerged today out of Robert Mueller's probe. His one-timeersonal attorn Michael cohe and his former aign chairman, Paul mart, bothecoming felons. The announcement breaking within the Sam hour. There may nevere been hour like this ie hry of thepresidency, to have two former associates close to the president, both of them ending wi the word uilty" in a federal court. Reportet began shortly R 4:00 Michael cohehe president's long-timeersonalawyer and fixer, aan once S he'd take a bullet for Donald Trump, wa out of a federal court after pleading guilty to illegally paying hus to silence women who claimed tohave hadua relationships with the president. Michael, what's your mge the president? Reporter:ohen told the today he wasorking quote in coordination and at the rection of a cdidate for deal office. Mr. Cohen P guilty two aign finance charges, one for caunnlawful corporate contribution, sec one for personallyaking an excessive personalcontribution, both for the purpose of influencing the 2016 ion -- Reporter: Just 11 days theelection,e paid off the rn star, stormy Daniels, who claimed she had aone-night stand with the president initially said he knew nothingut it. Did you know about the $130,000ment to stormy Daniels? Then why did Michael Cohen make it if there was -- Youave to ask Michael co Michael's myttorney a you have to askmichael. Reporter: Months later, a very differ story fromhe president's new personal attorney, rgiuliani. It's not campaigney. No campaign finaviolation. They funneled it through a law firm a the president repaid it Reporter: Prosecutors say hen was reimbursed by the trump organization. Mr.en sought imbursement for that money B submitting is to the candid company which were true and false and W simply a means obtainmbursement for the unlawful campaign Repter: Cohen was also involved in T payoff T Karen moul,ormer playboy plate who on CNN claed she once had a ar-long affair with Mr. Trump. I S him quite few times, Q a bit? Absolutely, we spent a lot of time together. Reporter: Just beforehe election Mcdougald her story to publisher of"the national enquirer." They bought it a buried it, practice known as catch kill. Trump denied knowingut that payment too, but Cohen secretly seemed to discuss buying the rigto Mcdougal's story from the publisher ofenquirer." Hen it comes time F the financing, which Wil- T financing? Wll have to pay- Pay cash. No, no, , no. I got -- no, no, no. Reporter: Michael Cohen worked Donald Trump for more th a decade. I'll dothing to protect Mr. Trump. I'm obvious very Loy and very dedicated to Mr. Trump. Reporter: Back in April WHE his hooffice, and hotel were raided by the FBI, president prt outraged. T's a race. Disgraced. 'S an ak on our count a true nsn attn we standfor. Ter: Trump wasonfident Cohen wa turn O H but the pressure only grew. It clear he was lookin cut a D sayin "My wife, M daugand my son have my first loyalty and alwwill. I put my famild country first." The ident's relatiop wi Michael Cohen move once been close, but it got nasty, it evolved into a very ugly PC fight. The prent feels like hs stabbed the back by someone wh had been yal, clo aide him. Reporter: Today just Hou after Cohen stood up I court and impliedt Donald Trump ordered him to make T hush money payments during the campaign, Rudy giulisued a statement , there's no alleon of any wrongdoing against the president in the government charges against Mr. Cohen. It is clear that a the prosecutor noted, M Cohen's actions refl a pattern lies and dishonest over significt period of time." But Michael Cohen's attorne made clear hehinks the jeordy himself. Sayingn a statement, quote, if thosyments were crime for Donald Trump? Today very damning for the doesn't mean the pnt doing it saveisarriage or prevent embarrassment or any number of sons. Reporter: There is also to thisooming question, will Michael Cohen coopin withobert Mueller in the R probe?here's what his attorney on MSNBC tot. But I can tell you that Mr. Co has knowlge on certain subjects that should bef interesthe special count an is more than happy to tell the special counsel that he knows. Reporter: During a Normal news cycle, if ther such a thing anymore,he michaohen storou be blotting out the just minut after Michael Cohen pled guilty in that courtroom in manhattan,ther bombshell. In a day bombshell developments I the legal ion facingsident trump -- Reporter: Reporters racing out of a courthouse in VIRA to deliver the news.after fours of liberations, the jury rendering a verdict in the case against Paul manafort who once ran Donald trump'spaign for president. Guilty on fivents of tax evasion, onent of failing to reportoreignankount, O counts of bank fraud. Theury was unable to reach a verdict on ten other counts the declared a mistrial on those ten coun manafortstone-faced ashe verdict wasre his lawyer later sing reporters sa manafort G a fair trial. M manafort is disappointed of notting acquittals all the way through O a complete hung jury onnts -- Reporter: This trial the first big test for the special counsel, Robert Mueller, and extraordinary fall for manafor oust two years ago running the Donald P campaign for president. Paul manafort has done an amazing job. Reporter: Soon manafor pushed out amid arl O stories about his wor for ukrainianfficials W ties to most last summer a dozen a FBI agentsaided apartment, seizing a trove ofdocument last week, even as T jury deliberated, president trump was still ror his former caaign chairman. He happens to be a very good peon. Reporter: Trump ref to rule out a pardon. Tonight the president sounded displa rdict. It couldn't invol me but I feel it's a very S thing that ppened. This is a witch hunt and it's a disgrace. Manafort faces a maximum of 80 years this prison.the judge won't likely give him all that time, B he's likely looking at aecade or more of incarcerat Reporter: Manaf H one more trial to gon another CAS brought by ller, charged with obstrunf justice, coracy, and foreign lobbying violations. One of the big questiois, Wass all an attempt to pleasure Paul manao give ion on prident trump? I think if he hasn't coed at thispoint, he's probably notoing to. That could mean one of two gs. Either he doesn't care to cooperate, or he's got nothi operate with. We have no ide if Cohen is cooperating with the pcurs in Manhattan or the Mueller te the pa agreement we saw today doesn't include a cooperation agreement. But that doesn't mean he's not cooping. His suggests we're closer to the beginning of the storyhan E end when it comes to prest trump. Thi air around trump and the people close to him, it looks like culture O corrupon. Reporter: Today was undenny a tough day for the prent th United States. Tonight, to all those clearing ters who C out to see him in West Virginia, to them he is still a winner. We stand on the should gerations of americanriots new ho fi and the knew to win. We're winning again. Winning again.

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{"duration":"8:50","description":"Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to illegal campaign contributions \"at the direction of a candidate for federal office,\" while Paul Manafort was found guilty at trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57325984","title":"Cohen pleads guilty, Manafort found guilty on 8 counts","url":"/Nightline/video/cohen-pleads-guilty-manafort-found-guilty-counts-57325984"}