Condoleezza Rice's Best Day in the White House

From playing with Yo-Yo Ma to Vladimir Putin's reaction to the Oval Office.
5:41 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Condoleezza Rice's Best Day in the White House
-- -- -- in the White House. My best they have White House -- in the first the quickness I just kidding it's. I think the best days in the White House and house leaders -- that you saw a glimpse of what. Real leadership in difficult circumstances. Was like -- remember meeting house bill. In the Oval Office. And thinking that this is somebody -- just extraordinary. Care here. I remember sitting in the Oval Office with Alan -- -- And thinking that this was somebody. Extraordinary character remember Vladimir Putin -- oval office for the first time. And saying -- couldn't you. I'm thinking even Vladimir Putin. Is a little bit. Disarmed by this shrine to American outfit that has been grievously cross. No that was in Slovenia where he and president. It did a little bit I've always thought of be KGB former and present. As. Not very religious people. You also had a chance of which shows you I. Yes. What an extraordinary experience that this failed and a -- When he called and asked if I wanted to play and my secretary -- you know you'll want us on the phone minutes that's giving the tallest and she said yes. That day was just spectacular for me I only wish my mother and my mom died. 25 years ago it. And she was the recent -- We're right in the middle of the Republican primaries right now -- -- the candidates calling. Well I've I've had conversations with a number of people but I've done my part you know when defense secretary of state you don't want to -- again and I was exactly -- Clinton said yeah. There's something about all those almost plane -- and all those countries that you go to that are you way. As you look at -- as -- as you look at positions of the candidates are taking it does seem to be. A new debate. -- Republican Party between the internationalists those who. Are acting much in the vein of President Bush and those who are taking looking more and work is taking what some -- -- -- more isolationist. I -- Talk about a little bit differently looking inwardly I write a -- -- to the country and talk to people. And see people I do think there's an issue internal repair and states that cannot be good morning. -- it shows up -- obviously everyone understands her financial and budgetary and economic issues but. It chills and immigration policies that -- a patchwork of state policies rather than comprehensive immigration reform which President Bush championed. It shows if you think every single -- against average and well and we need to get it we need to get. And it's K12 education. That is frankly failing at least our kids and it's a lack of confidence and optimism at home. That makes it hard to -- a -- so I understand the need for internal repair. Somehow we have to summon the will to recognize. That if the United States doesn't leave their we'll either be chaos -- -- -- or someone will lead. Who doesn't share our values -- we we want. The leadership in the international community to be from a country that values the proposition that every man woman and -- -- -- entry. You're talking with the days following 9/11 was actually -- moment reunion deputy Stephen Hadley. What you might have been pushing yourselves thanks publicity. There was saying you report. Eight this White House -- -- botulism toxin which is saying. Nerve agent that is. -- -- Hand actually the president Cullinan and -- and write with and what what it can I guess it can be slower acting. We weren't stopping ask if -- of the political editor. But we weren't I think actually Clinton the vice president came on -- screen and sent -- The White House detectors detect botulism toxin and we were all else was exposed -- -- -- And I remember the rule he says -- -- -- -- and I remember everybody just sort of freezing in the presence and almost. And the precedent because exposure time. Would have meant that we were all exposed. Now just so people are listening it was solidly it was my break yeah -- obviously a call alert. But it was 24 hours before we got the results. The test samples were sent to the CDC. Thompson. Secretary. Tan Steve Utley. In his State Street -- he sent me this way if the mice are -- Up where else -- town where. We the president. For 24 hours we should we do not. Test. About -- the next eight months and -- the witness calling. -- -- -- I went back -- president and he was sitting next. Attorneys. The mice. That's good Chinese. Inflation -- -- Perfectly if it.

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{"id":14853940,"title":"Condoleezza Rice's Best Day in the White House","duration":"5:41","description":"From playing with Yo-Yo Ma to Vladimir Putin's reaction to the Oval Office.","url":"/Nightline/video/condoleezza-rices-best-day-white-house-14853940","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}