Jouberts Film 'The Last Lions'

Award-winning filmmakers capture the love shared between them and lions.
1:24 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Jouberts Film 'The Last Lions'
As a -- at a recent trip to Africa -- only a few places on the planet we can -- African lions and Asian tigers living side by side. Jews the circus. And one man's radical experiments and conservation. On safari it's usually the four legged creatures provide the most entertainment around the watering hole but in this corner of South Africa. It's often a two legged creature named John party. My rifle at the moment he's in the back in the vehicle. -- it's too -- to hold. Somewhere along just -- -- known each. Well this situation. He's noticed -- around here and in the world of conservation and wildlife photography. Is known as one of the most controversial characters in Africa. I know nothing about cameras and nothing I'm not I'm not a good -- I rely on technology. Or not have. I have a great passion for -- Since his family has long known they luxurious private game reserve called London losing he grew up around some of the most magnificent beasts on the planet. And over the years he's captured some amazing samples of their behavior. Like the time a mother cape buffalo stalked the -- had to take -- -- It is just part of -- you'll wilds caught in the act which also increases to a mongoose fighting a lion. And an overly excited young elephants trying to mate with a right now. And it includes John parties rare glimpse of a mother leopard taking on the python. That swallowed her -- She forces the snake to regurgitate the newborn and then and then ending rarely seen in feel good nature films the mother -- part of her dead -- And -- the rest. She disposed of the -- So that hyenas and other -- couldn't get it. And then which was most amazing that's not she stood on top of this rock and she cold for the cup quarter at one -- Three days later. She -- indeed -- these rocks. Neutral with America. Now we want to project human emotions in these animals that was some sort of grieving process something you believe that was the -- and -- you really some biologists might take issue with that interpretation and plenty find fault with his theatrical flair but very has caught the most -- for his ideas on how to save endangered species like the tiger. Almost in this field take great pains not to interfere with natural behavior. Marty wants to actually moved tigers from the jungles of Asia to his land in Africa she is she goes the full. -- he encouraging them to hunt strange new per day. All the while composing a musical. In their honor mobile -- -- No -- will send. One -- conservationists tells me this makes about as much sense -- introducing grizzly bears to the Everglades. No less controversial is his plan to save endangered rhinos. Poachers slaughter hundreds each year in order to -- off horns and sell them for more than a 100000 bucks a piece on the Asian black market. The rhino horn is believed to be an aphrodisiac. And to -- Rhino horn fictions. More than gold per ounce while training -- rhino horn is strictly forbidden party wants to legalize the -- So people like -- for -- horns from live -- And then use the profits for conservation. Tried to legally net income. The whole would grow back the -- which will be a lot. So -- party's ideas have received more scorn and acceptance. And you know Texas I had an engine running I was moving quickly but like all the encounter is out here to -- Angry resistance is just another part of nature. A new season of caught in the act premieres Tuesday march 27 -- that geo wild.

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{"id":15983869,"title":"Jouberts Film 'The Last Lions'","duration":"1:24","description":"Award-winning filmmakers capture the love shared between them and lions.","url":"/Nightline/video/dereck-beverly-jouberts-film-last-lions-15983869","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}