Cop, Psychic's Investigations

Two seemingly unusual partners work together to solve mysterious cases.
3:00 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Cop, Psychic's Investigations
It is ghostbusters means Colombo. Take a scene -- paranormal activity has been reported then led to investigators in one a former New York City homicide detective the other a psychic. Medium. Figure out which one can explain it better here now is ABC's John Berman with this Halloween -- race. Amy Allen sees did people there's older man -- here. And he's like really old and decrepit and she's dying I think -- can't pick on and. If this is -- hard for you to believe imagine what it's like for this grizzled -- Ten years ago would you -- Steve dish. Said. But the mortgage or what we don't. For 23 years Steve was in New York City homicide detective a no nonsense cop. But now she's the real bill that's -- -- it. Demons ghosts -- -- the -- and -- stuff like that there's something going in incredible metamorphosis. This sneaky behind his paranormal partnership known. As the dead by -- That's pretty big transformation for a guy like me with huge transfer huge. It's a hit show on the Travel Channel based on a simple concept Amy and Steve investigate strange mysterious case it's. Each on their road no contact with the other and then compare notes at the end Steve does it his way into -- birds. I'm not a physical medium which yes I see and hear that people like I seen -- you are you feeling anything right now. -- -- -- -- well. So like you have a guy standing behind. And. Should that bother me not. It's just all. Rights is -- guy sitting behind me so that going for me. Sounds scary but not nearly as terrifying as what -- be found here in one episode. The world actually -- Jeffrey have a -- -- -- completing a strange bumps weird voices into bed creepy feeling pervading his restaurant. Immediately I look around because I feel like it should be someone right next to -- speaking to me and there's. Nobody around. Makes my hair stand on his if they socialize trying to show -- not lose the basements really pretty. We're pretty frightening. What Steve discovered by checking the records your data brutal murder in the basement fourteen years ago a labor in what was then an antique shop. -- the owner bashing him in the head with a hammer. Steve talked to the cops who work the case and then he stands over and had some war -- -- winds down on the grounds. While without speaking to Steve -- getting any specifics about the case. Each -- -- herself. One is despair and one as anger and it angers pounding on the despair and these are people. Thank you. Steve goes to raise it in talks to the convicted murderer did you want to kill we just. Wanna make appointments and outside the -- especially important such. You made your point line of ten times -- EB works with a sketch artist she comes up with a -- President she keeps. Comparing notes in the end in pictures. First I was like this. Is this joke and -- that this is impossible. I just -- to -- this -- I said I just hope this guy in prison but that was only half of what she -- there's something. And laughing -- crowning. Finish catching arm. I can watch a human life. Farmland trust and. End the Catholic religion and these types of things would be referred to as a demon. Very extremely. Rare. Amy says is being basement as a -- and base. Period that's. Not enough for me. -- this has me really freaked down. Should this be affecting me inside these four walls and -- follow me outside these walls. Yes. That's when -- show wins in we picked up if -- home during the day -- can hear. Movement. I hear. -- stomping. And I know I'm the only one in the building. It's only in the attic you're right billionaire this I hear it in my -- -- -- which is underneath the first thing I thought was. A little boy. We all went to -- home to see if there was any Trace of the deem it. What -- found they're spoiled children -- -- And eight -- he'd -- plans. To the good news -- crazy kids crazy you know they don't do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- whoever ends -- happier. Yes. No demons for the dead files case closed. I'm John Berman for Nightline in Asbury Park futures.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Two seemingly unusual partners work together to solve mysterious cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14854905","title":"Cop, Psychic's Investigations","url":"/Nightline/video/cop-psychics-paranormal-investigations-14854905"}