Couples separated by borders forced to wait out COVID-19 travel bans: Part 1

Corsi Crumpler spent most of her pregnancy alone and gave birth to her first child without her fiance, Sean Donovan, who was stuck in his home country of Ireland due to COVID-19 travel bans.
8:59 | 08/08/20

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Transcript for Couples separated by borders forced to wait out COVID-19 travel bans: Part 1
Hey, babe, it's me. I just want to let you know that I'm thinking about you all the time and I'm so proud of you. Everything you're doing for me and the baby is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing give me a call whenever you can. I just love you and can't wait to see you. Goodnight. Reporter: She didn't think she'd be in labor, racing to the hospital like this. Oh. Reporter: It's terrifying and isolating. My water has broke. I'm so cold. I keep like getting the shakes. Reporter: Her fiance, Sean Donovan, is trapped thousands of miles away, banned from travel together United States thanks to covid-19. I'm so nervous. Reporter: In the modern world, increasingly interconnected, relationships are no longer bound by borders, but as coronavirus swept the globe governments around the world invoked travel restrictions, separating binational families and couples leaving them in limbo, not knowing the next time they'll be able to see each other. Since February, America has closed its doors to foreign visitors traveling from a growing list of nations. At the beginning, I think most people wouldn't argue with the fact that there needed to be some system in place to contain the spread of covid-19. But the impact, the ripple effect has gotten out of control, okay. And it's gotten out of control because of the unintended consequences. Reporter: As couples wait for answers, thousands are taking to social media, pushing for action with campaigns like love is not tourism, and love is essential. Making the case that we are not tourists. We do not wish to travel and sight see. We have one destination. The arms of our loved ones. We are in the middle of a pandemic. So I actually understand the travel bans. Tourism isn't necessary right now. But love is not tourism. You have a group of people who are willing to quarantine upon you have people who are willing to present negative covid tests at the gate and do temperature checks at the gate. They're willing to follow every CDC guide line that has been suggested thus far. Reporter: Facebook groups have now become a safe space for lovers around the world to offer support and guidance, as they navigate new roadblocks to their long-distance relationships. What, are we 4,000 miles away? I miss you. Reporter: For course and Sean, this struggle has been going on for months. We never went six weeks or so without seeing one another. I didn't start to panic really until mid to end of April. Reporter: That left coursy in Texas, going through nearly all of her pregnancy alone. He always doted on the fact that he would have loved to take care of me during this time. And I just feel like he's missing out on so much. Reporter: The dad-to-be stuck in Ireland. Sean had already filled out his k-1 Visa application, also known as a fiance application. But it was at a stand still since processing was put on hold due to the pandemic. Even Visas are not directly exempt from entering the U.S., but coursy says she should have been married by now under normal circumstances. Even in the best of times, even in the best of situations, it's extremely difficult. Then you add the layer of the covid-19 restrictions, then it's amplified. This is the nursery. It's just a corner of the room. All of his little swaddles are down there, his diapers and picture of daddy right there. Reporter: Time ticks which, days turn into weeks, weeks into months. The stress, anxiety, depression, if Sean could have been here I could have avoided months of turmoil. Reporter: Nearly half of Americans report covid-19 has harming mental health. The CDC has issued guidelines on dealing with stress during the pandemic. There is so much pressure and pain in my back and groin area. I don't think people understand just how hard it can be to do it alone. Reporter: With course so close to her due date, the mental and physical strain is starting to add up. Just any day now. Can't believe I've made it this far without Sean. Reporter: Thousands of separated couples are desperately awaiting reunions inside the U.S., others are losing hope and patience. Some are meeting up on the border of the U.S. And Canada, in a park that's shared This is it, guys. This is peace arch park for you. Home away from home. It looks like everyone here is having a really nice time with their loved ones and family and friends. Reporter: Other couples stuck oceans apart are embarking on more extreme journeys. With much of the world still shuttered, Croatia has emerged as a tourist destination, welcoming visitors in the country if they can show proof of a negative covid-19 test. Going to get a covid test, loads of fun. Reporter: I traveled there and met some couples using Croatia as a safe haven. A lot of people aren't traveling to gallon event. This is the only way we can see each other. . Reporter: She is a U.S. Citizen. Her boyfriend lives in the Czech Republic. I thought, maybe it won't be that long. And I'm sure it will work out. But there was really, it was looking like there was very little hope. Reporter: The pair plans to move to Europe together, but for now that's all on hold. Did you ever feel helpless? Absolutely. All the time. Reporter: Another couple, Joshua from Philadelphia, Naomi from Slovenia had plans to marry when the pandemic hit. Determined to walk down the aisle, they booked their flight to Croatia. It's important to not put anyone in jeopardy with this pandemic, that's why we made it a small circle with just family. Do you agree to marry? Yes, I do. Reporter: With only the bride's parents and best man in attendance, they tied the knot. You can now congratulate. Reporter: A growing number of countries are starting to hear these couples' cries. On July 27th, the Netherlands joined the list, welcoming partners who can prove they are in a long-term relationship with a Dutch citizen. It is essentially a documentary on what my relationship looks like from start to finish. Reporter: They have prepared a binder to verify her relationship. I was about to have a panic attack, standing there waiting for this guy to decide whether or not I'm eligible to travel. Reporter: She got on a plane on the very first day the exempting went into effect, after 11 months away from her partner Chris. She just called me, and she ended my nervous break down by telling me the good news. I haven't seen him in 11 months. I'm so excited. I made it through customs. There you go. JFK has landed just now, and now it's just going to wait for Hannah to walk through these Gates. Ah, I'm so happy! We made it! We made it! Reporter: Despite their happy reunion, Hannah says governments have to do better. It's kind of a blow to all the people who are not married, because their relationships are basically being classified as less than. Tourism. Reporter: Sometimes being with the one you love means bending the rules. All right, it's 6:00 A.M., time to go to Mexico, I guess. Reporter: When we come back, couples finding loopholes in those travel bans. All right, this is the moment of truth. Hope it goes well. Going to have to go through customs. Reporter: Plus, Sean in a race against time to reach the U.S. As course faces an emergency delivery. Oh, my god, the phone is shaking, because I can't stop. I'm freezing. I'm so nervous. Reporter: Stay with us.

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{"duration":"8:59","description":"Corsi Crumpler spent most of her pregnancy alone and gave birth to her first child without her fiance, Sean Donovan, who was stuck in his home country of Ireland due to COVID-19 travel bans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"72250545","title":"Couples separated by borders forced to wait out COVID-19 travel bans: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/couples-separated-borders-forced-wait-covid-19-travel-72250545"}