Craigslist Killing: 'My Son Is Innocent'

Mother of 16-year-old accused of murder says her son's mentor is to blame.
3:00 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Craigslist Killing: 'My Son Is Innocent'
The case began when they terrified man with a gunshot wound commercial and dark force crying out for help he was police allege the target. Of a serial killer or killers. In their midst and tonight they continue the grim search for more. Less fortunate victims as -- -- apparent suspects in custody one is a 52 year old self styled. Man of god the other a teenage boy whose parents insist he's fallen on the older man spell. The very latest here's ABC's Dan Harris. How did this sixteen year old high school junior from outside Akron Ohio. A wanna -- cop a big lumbering popular kid named -- -- pretty. How did he get caught up in alleged serial killings. Where the victims were recruited on Craig's list it's a sensational case making national headlines. Fatal scam that deadly -- The bodies found buried in the shallow grave -- care. -- -- -- his mother -- property says her son is in this situation because he made friends with the wrong person. And there is allowance for -- by farmers are. That monster she says is this man 52 year old rich Beasley known as chaplain rich self proclaimed man of god. Who meant toward her son for almost a decade. And who now appears to be the prime suspect in this series of killing. -- -- -- -- and you know do you want to -- pressure of kids -- do you want him hanging around the -- going to church and company people it was a no -- For years -- Beasley cultivated a reputation around Akron as -- do gooder. He delivered meals to the needy. Ran this halfway house and ministered to people in trouble with the law was really trying. Not just about himself with -- -- everybody here. But police say the holy roller reputation. Was a facade. Earlier this year chapel Lynn Beasley was charged with selling OxyContin. Growing marijuana threatening his neighbor and promoting prostitution. When he was released on bail he re connected with his men T -- -- pretty and that police say is when the real trouble started. On October 7 Beasley allegedly placed a help wanted ad on Craigslist 300 dollars a week to watch over 688. Acre farm in rural Ohio. Three days later he allegedly held a series of interviews with applicants at this local mall one of those applicant was Ron -- -- unemployed construction worker. When you met -- what was your life. It was all right I mean no bells in my head went off about -- you know what if he's going to be you know mass murderer some point -- which now. It's turning out to be a -- -- -- never got a call back but several other men did. And on November 6 -- one of them went into the woods for what he thought was going to be a job interview but instead turned into attempted murder. He turned to see again when index hit he deflected the gun and right. As he was running from the gunman he was shot in New York. He survived and went to the police who nine days later. Found a body in a shallow grave not far away the next day they arrested both rich Beasley and -- in -- pretty. And then this past Friday police found two more bodies. When you heard. A month or so later that people who did go for those interviews apparently got shot and killed -- what did you think I thought oh boy. This could have been me. It is just the latest headline generating crime spree to be linked to Craig's list. Which has been used -- rapists robbers and the original so called Craigslist killer Philip Markoff the medical resident. Who shot a masseuse he met over Craigslist. Unfortunately. Craig's list is just -- for bad guys because you can be anonymous I'm not sure it's Craig's -- fault because it's in nature of what they do. If these latest allegations turn out to be true there are open questions about whether rich Beasley sucked his sixteen year old friend. Into some -- sick criminal apprenticeship. Reminiscent of the DC sniper John Allen Mohammed who carried out his killings which -- young sidekick Lee Boyd malveaux. He's would have to have convinced the sixteen year old that what they were doing had some point or purpose. You can call that brain washing can call it whatever you might. But looking at the DC sniper case I interviewed Lee Boyd malveaux. And you could tell in the early days. That he just worshipped the ground that Mohammed walked down. Rich Beasley is attorney says her client is innocent but broken -- -- parents are not buying it. In this exclusive audio interview -- father told me his son may have gone -- -- with the plan because -- threatened him and his family. I think that he probably. Didn't realize what is involved and told us. Too late and you know over his head and that he was fearful -- life Malaysian people that love. -- his mother told me her son will have to pay. For his decision to hang around with the wrong person. And I have been paying for these families and mark my son's -- through every day. And he has to live with this -- to his life. Does he think about them. The heart nor does. Tonight Grogan -- pretty sits in a juvenile detention center and tomorrow he will likely be transferred to an adult prison. In a letter home broken tells his family he fears that when he finally gets out. Everybody he knows and loves will be dead. For Nightline this is Dan Harris in Akron Ohio.

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{"id":15044456,"title":"Craigslist Killing: 'My Son Is Innocent'","duration":"3:00","description":"Mother of 16-year-old accused of murder says her son's mentor is to blame.","url":"/Nightline/video/craigslist-killing-son-innocent-15044456","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}