Cruise Ship Disaster: Survivors Angry

Questions reign over where the captain was when passengers were evacuating.
0:38 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Cruise Ship Disaster: Survivors Angry
And a shocking new pictures emerging tonight of a disaster at sea more than. 4000. People a luxury cruise when suddenly a sickening tilt of the tax. Breaks the call according to reports the staff says there's no reason for concern. But a frantic scramble for survival ensues with some even pushing children out of the way. In the race to evacuate meanwhile it seems at least one member of the boat's crew. Did see cause for concern the captain himself and turns out he was already in a lifeboat. In Italy tonight here's ABC's -- -- That is the sound of the lost ditch rescue effort here in the Mediterranean Sea. Five days -- to this luxury cruise ship crashed divers are actually blowing up parts of the caustic and cornea. In an attempt to reach further -- it today they made a grim discovery five more bodies but no survivors. They just found that five people say though whether people go before leaving their it is impossible to -- to -- on -- So they just missed getting on the like that. We think so. Italian investigators are now piecing together the details of what happened aboard the doomed ship. And they are laying the blame squarely at the feet of its captain. -- -- skit Tina who authorities say was dangerously close to shore. He is under house arrest after a hearing this morning. Prosecutors are considering charging him with manslaughter. As the death -- in the dissolves to -- -- -- and people. And today shocking new audiotapes appear to show -- abandon the sinking ship while. -- passengers would still scrambling to safety. The funeral. Whom I have a discount from defeat for the week to -- -- runoff the probable it would be very bad for you thought. -- abusive men who run no please please get back on board girl there are or ridden bodies -- you know go. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I know about bonds I've heard about one but humor found. You realize it's quote. We can feed -- -- What you want to do you want to go home -- -- -- so you want to go home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And while the captain had reported he abandoned ship. Chaos -- The ship's 4200 passengers and crew try to find their way to the remaining lifeboats and I keep bringing the whole time where we have for somebody to come risk this because. I have to keep it -- that I was good night. One of the votes was full of 200 people what Donna putt on the railing in the -- -- -- sideways and and fell in swung and everybody's -- There is complete KI as it really was like the Titanic. People are holding on for dear life people are screen me. Passenger Valerie and denial says she and her family. They're among -- -- people to naked into the lifeboats. -- we got on that -- It was real me. Really listing at this point it weighs very very scary if you did not hold onto any type are -- you -- not going to answer. From the angle of the ship you can see how difficult it wants for the crew to lower the life boats into the water and just how close it is. To the -- for those who did job then -- short distance to get to safety. Those who mated to shore were greeted by towns people -- water blankets even shoes for the -- survivor. That it and then I heard the screams of the people rendition started to TL and then -- death aren't ought to junior ordered the keeper came out of their houses. In this hotel manager who opened his doors to the survivors compared to -- -- another. That there have gotten. We'll see but people who were crammed. A shocking night. Five days often -- the most terrifying night of her life. Alex -- still can't believe how all the crew failed to provide even the most basic safety measures. Never were we. Given the drill where you actually put the life jacket on. In went to your master stage. One of the first people to cool beach it was her nephew one found he starred Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Now she is finding her and safe in New Mexico but our mind is -- knows who didn't. Make it back. My lasting memory will be of those who were standing on the deck with their life jackets on. Waiting to be rescued and there were no more votes. 24 passengers are still missing including an American couple taking their first big vacations since retiring. Tonight their families are trying to look for a glimmer of hope in these dark seas for Nightline I'm -- -- -- is in the.

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{"id":15383625,"title":"Cruise Ship Disaster: Survivors Angry","duration":"0:38","description":"Questions reign over where the captain was when passengers were evacuating.","url":"/Nightline/video/cruise-ship-disaster-survivors-angry-15383625","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}