Can You Cure a Hangover?

One doctor claims he may have unlocked the secret to preventing hangovers.
3:16 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for Can You Cure a Hangover?
This -- cures hangovers with pickled sheep's eyeballs and tomato juice. Let -- bring on game day there's a better way you wanna hear this doctor's advice that ABC's Lindsey Davis -- -- -- nine match -- between giants and patriots with any indicator. We'll -- of pounding on the field Sunday. On Monday that pounded -- the inside. His head. Leaking onto a nasty bout of nausea battling them blinding headache hopefully gain. -- like what the guys in the -- experience. -- -- -- -- Bill Allen proceeded to. And argues excessive drinking can be harmful something the only cure cure for a hangover is time. And then there's doctor Leonard Grossman what they have to angle were. It done you know these days at least four hours -- -- -- chiefs lost. He says he's created a way to prevent hangovers without vinegar vehicles or raw eggs. It's called -- tops and he's as it does for the hangover would Dramamine patch is due for motion sickness. Says that she is like being attached to an IV in Kenya loosely infusing invite -- -- into the bloodstream. Alcohol itself -- Barrett. And what happens that the kidneys -- to overdrive and you basically washing out everything that's water soluble. He -- at the patch with Alex flying shoe maker who suffered -- hangovers -- awful after a night out with the boys. He -- -- on his family friend doctor Grossman for help. -- -- -- Full of vitamins. And within ten minutes -- great. And -- heading the nausea the dizziness. Selling and now Kurtz and but if I've had maybe three drinks the night before. Wake up tomorrow. You'll feel great hangover remedies have been around for as long his -- often. -- greasy foods. Of the dogs. And there's low -- -- don't not poisonous offer fish. And over the counter drugs it promises to upright. -- over not with hints. But with C news. What -- -- -- more effective than just an aspirin and a couple -- Well I think that's special about isn't an effervescent and so. For one thing that forces in the suffered -- -- But -- blowfish -- -- of a growing list of anti hangover products. Tried and tested by researchers who turn themselves until lab -- -- -- -- at least twelve shots of tequila admittedly. Typical scientific protocols for testing didn't exactly a plot. I was just surprised the next morning how great it -- but the authors of a 2005 study in the British Medical Journal. Found no convincing evidence than any conventional remedies can cure a hangover. And doctor Grossman doesn't exactly dispute that it's not a cure it's only a prevention. While the science is debatable the novelty of selling a cure for a Super Bowl hangover. Is enough. For nine nine Lindsey Davis.

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{"id":15511961,"title":"Can You Cure a Hangover?","duration":"3:16","description":"One doctor claims he may have unlocked the secret to preventing hangovers. ","url":"/Nightline/video/cure-hangover-15511961","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}