Curing Kids with Extreme Social Phobias

One doctor says he knows how to treat children who suffer from selective mutism.
3:00 | 12/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Curing Kids with Extreme Social Phobias
Shyness is hardly uncommon just about every kid experiences a paralyzing momentary. Showed talent show -- -- -- meeting someone new but imagine a child so stricken with fear. She goes without speaking for entire school year. You're about to -- to such children their parents desperate for help and one man who says he can cure them. With a technique that just might work for anyone with a severe phobia here's ABC's juju check. -- symbol has trapped himself inside a world of silence the what's your favorite TV show. He -- -- seven adults. In his life. That's it just seven adults with everyone else he -- -- his parents were powerful. He hurt himself at camp this summer and he and -- body -- did you cry I think now. Uses an asset to her account says he's like no. My Neil Walker is the same way -- she doesn't have the muscle during. It okay and. -- is six dreams social phobia made it impossible for him blowout her own political candidates -- -- -- it's okay. -- I'm not talking to you can not find some changes just being. Even for recess being as the -- like says he never played his best round when her mom and step dad -- my -- didn't speak a word that the entire school year. They made this video just kids in her class. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is an extreme example but nearly all kids have fears of one kind or another doctors think that's because parents rescue their kids too soon from what they're afraid. Which only makes the -- grow. Doctor Stephen Kurtz of the -- mind institute believes he has an answer. Chicken -- suffer from selective mute schism he says not only can he cure it. He -- do it in just one week his therapy is called brave buddies which exposes them to the very thing they're afraid. Speaking in public. What's the key to the week here. Repeated exposure. To the same situations that they've been avoiding. Like the plague but providing kind of training wheels until they can do it confidently on their -- It grownups are -- to stop over protecting them and simply wait five seconds before -- -- -- So on day one rule number one Mya is allowed to feel the painfully long silence long enough for her to answer. Questions are designed to force verbal answers there offered a choice instead of non. Yeah I had -- loser got so bad. -- -- -- every mumbled his praise. Soon they sent out into the real world interact with stranger. You're about to watch six year old Jake face -- because he. Our microphones candy to pick it up but for Jake -- -- small miracle it's. The -- to wrap up day one by cashing in stickers they earned the highest award but first the kids need to engage another stranger. The welcome to the -- -- is priced store -- is up first on -- guy -- -- bubbles or something different. Again barely audible but his whisper -- will be a -- -- -- painting. For something different now it's lions turn. And despite her bravery she suffers a setback when the anxiety overwhelms her. And she has an accident. Yet -- It's called brave buddies for a reason after a quick change she somehow Muster the courage to try again. One -- something different. People in the next day -- still struggling with talking and eye contact is still difficult. But then he shocked everyone with a full sentence. -- -- -- -- It and for the girl who's never blown out birthday candles before this is the celebration seven years in the -- We show -- his parents' video of the daughter they barely recognize. I'm so proud -- It takes a lot of coming soon. If you would -- when he was two years ago. Simply not the same child. Jake and -- the boot camp is over but can they keep it going into the school. The old silent takes still comes out at times -- -- anything. An easy pattern there art. But the new -- perseverance. You -- -- pattern. Aren't. Mine is still has trouble joining the crowd -- -- But in class for voices finally being her. Facing up to their fears allows them to unlock their voices and rescues their child. For Nightline I'm juju Chang in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"One doctor says he knows how to treat children who suffer from selective mutism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15176268","title":"Curing Kids with Extreme Social Phobias","url":"/Nightline/video/curing-kids-extreme-social-phobias-15176268"}