Cute Baby Gorilla Raised by Human Moms at Cincinnati Zoo

After being rejected from her mother, primate experts stepped in to help Gladys.
5:06 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for Cute Baby Gorilla Raised by Human Moms at Cincinnati Zoo
The animal kingdom is a wonder a marvel showcasing survival instincts vastly different from any scene in the human world. Any -- there is a chord that connects us all this ABC's Matt Gutman found. Raising a baby gorilla is a lot like raising a child with a few hairy different. In the world of zoo animals' survival she just -- our main. This small moment he's actually try it. -- -- me -- me -- you remember you but I critical because just last month. Gladys his mother rejected her she wouldn't bond with her baby and there was a good chance that Gladys. Would not survive. So when mother nature of failed Gladys. It was time for the human species to step in. So here we are that Gladys is. Baby sweet meet Rowland Evans curator of the Cincinnati zoo. Which -- -- -- -- potential adoptive mother for Gladys and endangered western lowland gorilla. But first his team of ten list every surrogate human mother had to step into -- -- Cradle teach. And yes mother this gorilla for three months. Before she's introduced her -- guerrilla mothers they must transform themselves. Guerrillas and every day and not a bond up a little -- the idea being that the only way Gladys his new gorilla family will accept her. As if humans can teach her. How to become a guerrilla. I'm paying careful attention to every detail them including a lot hopeful firmly. So every current and my -- here because she's this is our guerrilla. Code is very critical to this process because obviously the guerrillas who hold on to hear you don't coup to -- -- -- I talked to him like this I could always use a guerrilla accident when I talked of plans. The news vibrations of various in this. As -- 101 continues. Edwards instructs me to put on my own -- picture looks more than sheiks. And didn't return on -- here Evans is careful not to baby this baby. You know feet I -- rumors just like Cinderella -- -- my kids who might be yanking the -- I'm yanking the hair might put my fingernails and her head. And the mothers do so when she goes in with a mom she's gonna do it to and we don't want that to be the first time she ever experience is that. -- -- -- And let this way accent gets curious when queen that straw hat and my -- -- training kicks into high gear I'm told I have to try to sound like a gorilla. Helped soothe glad. It's just get a little fussy and you feel I should get a little nervous it's always good to kind of war against his chest and give her a little. -- localization. How's that her -- losing organization. Perfect and two months human babies are basically -- -- of flesh. Gladys is freakish strong and developed world student his student. But she's it'd fit -- her routine is key she eats and sleeps place for about an hour it's tired snaps sleeps and then meets again. The way they arrest on it -- just like my baby didn't yet know who they hold onto their -- it sort of Philip a perfect football and never -- only when she's a wait and she sticks her hands on you on the backside your arms your nose she's not a human baby. It's an exhausting cycle but. What in which Gladys has tripled her waited just two months this surrogacy is a system that -- worked over a dozen times says Evans. One of the reasons the population of over 750. Gorillas in zoos is -- In the wild the estimated population of -- 175000. Guerrillas -- declining. Surrogates like actually O'Connell -- -- -- on the clock most of them can't help but be smitten from her -- You know a couple weeks ago was more she's well enough with her arms. And that her arms -- shop here. Think she's good word for life. Most of her lessons are about grabbing and holding on to mama. And while Gladys seems part human -- -- the -- she feels in your arm. Her little school walks and of course the best she makes her ten bombers want her to be all guerrilla so all of this the stretching and -- Being a Saturday guerrillas the life. And -- grabbing the piggyback rides precisely mimic the activity of real guerrillas in the wild it is very. Judge but the recent chance this elaborate experiment might not work but as every parent learns sometime success. Means letting go. That's the day I think about all the time that's when and a review in this stuff Mike I can't wait to give her -- she's not a baby she's not okay she's a guerrilla. We're gonna do everything we can do to -- -- -- and that's going to be my happiness day and -- she leaves us thing goes in with a real -- Or Nightline I'm Matt Gutman. In Cincinnati.

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{"id":18837145,"title":"Cute Baby Gorilla Raised by Human Moms at Cincinnati Zoo","duration":"5:06","description":"After being rejected from her mother, primate experts stepped in to help Gladys.","url":"/Nightline/video/cute-baby-gorilla-raised-human-moms-cincinnati-zoo-18837145","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}