Dallas Male Strippers Bare All on Work, Personal Lives

La Bare in Dallas, now the subject of a new documentary, is the real-life "Magic Mike."
7:31 | 06/19/14

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Transcript for Dallas Male Strippers Bare All on Work, Personal Lives
Movie magic Mike seems to have led to a male stripping mania. Magic Mike two is in the works and yes, even "Magic Mike" the musical heading to Broadway. Many women and men wondering what's life really like for a man who takes off his clothes for cash? ABC got up close and personal with the men of labair. Reporter: 10:00, Wednesday night, Dallas, Texas. The women trickle in, the curtain goes up. This is la bare, where the men bare practically everything, and the ladies, they go wild. This is the real life magic Mike. That indy hit starring Matthew mcconaughey and Channing Tatum about the lives of strippers was the inspiration for a new documentary called simply "La bare" a look into the world of a scantily clad men who worked a la bare, a look at what happens on and off stage. Got to be a lean, mean dancing machine. Reporter: The man behind the documentary has plenty of experience taking off his clothes on screen. He plays a sexy werewolf in HBO's "True blood." And a stripper in "Magic Mike." The one compliment/complaint that I got when the movie came out is, we loved it, but we wished there were more of the guys, who they date, where they lived. Reporter: Joe and his younger brother dug deep into this world of crumpled dollar bills and the men who dance for them. Like axle, whose real name is Jeremiah. He says he comes from a devout Christian family and was home schooled until the 7th grade. When I first started, I went through a kid in the candy shop face. Reporter: Randy master blaster, who has been taking off his clothes for money for more than three decades says it can be lucrative work. My range is gone from $89 a night to $85,000. Reporter: And Ceasar, an Iraq war vet who the ladies love. You said you've slept with five women. I tried a one night stand and felt so bad. They're likable, cool, three dimensional guys that I had written off in my mind. I thought it was dirty, greasy, drugged out, probably the guys were kind of ambiguous sexually and that isn't the case at all. Reporter: It's a little greasy. But in a good way. Reporter: Backstage -- are you decent? This is not what I expected. This is where the fantasy doesn't happen. Reporter: You see how greasy and unglamorous this life can be for a guy like Ceasar who found stripping after two tours of duty in Afghanistan. The things I've seen. The costumes may not be very big, but the cost come straight out of the bottom line. I have a doctor act and a boy scout act I do. Reporter: If they don't make any tips shaking it, they don't get paid. So if you don't get a tip, you make no money. Does it become degrading? Only if you allow it to. It'sman opinion there's no such thing as male justification. Men don't care why you like them as long as you do. They worked very hard to get into that kind of a position. Reporter: In order to make a buck, the guys say their routines have to be about much more than simply getting naked and strutting. We're a show and we're based on romance and fantasy. Reporter: Do you K you have to work harder to earn that tip than the woman does in the club down the block? Without a doubt. Reporter: The woman's side of the industry is very forward. Here we have to work a lot harder. You have to twirl firepots or do this move or that move. These guys are hardworking. They take it seriously. Reporter: For Ceasar -- I don't do drugs or drink. Reporter: Sit a job he approaches with military discipline. And then there is the strict diet, countless reps, all to make sure that he stays on top of his game. It's intimidating when you come out to 600 women that are looking strictly at you. I've had the extremes, I've ripped my pants off and no reaction, then I rip my pants off and everybody screams. Reporter: The ripped abs don't tell the whole story. My dad was more upset than my mom. Reporter: Axle has an accounting degree and before he started stripping he never listened to popular music. I was hesitant about everything. Reporter: Will you sleep with a client? I've never slept with a client more money, but I have slept with clients because I wanted to. Reporter: Can you have a real relationship doing what you do? That's a good question. I'll let you know when I find out. There's no way to date in this job. I'm old fashioned. So I believe if I'm going to date with one person, I'm going to give them my all. Reporter: This is a world that comes with a serious dark side. There are guys that can't handle this. Reporter: What happens? They can drink too much or find drugs. They lose that balance. Reporter: And there are all those women. There's an art form to it I should say. If you sleep with a woman, that fantasy pops and they move to the next one. So you have to only sleep with women that you know aren't coming back. But if someone comes up and gives you $100, that's just logical I'm going to give her more attention. Reporter: What does that mean, a private dance? Exactly. Reporter: Tammy is aar regul. The manager of a fas food restaurant who sometimes spends as much as $300 a night on her favorite. How much did you just throw down? $140. Reporter: $140? Yes. Reporter: That's a lot of money. What do you get out of that? Excitement. Reporter: The owners of la bare want to expand their brand into new cities. Joe has been asked to sign on as a partner. While he hasn't said yes, he admits he's not done with stripping just yet. The magic Mike sequel comes out next year. I don't know when I'm going to be able to walk away from male strip clubs, but I'm looking forward to that date whenever it does happen. Reporter: Ceasar plans to walk away, too. He's hoping to collect enough to retire by the time he hits 40. For "Nightline," I'm Cecilia Vega in Dallas. La bare opens in theaters June 27.

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{"id":24206607,"title":"Dallas Male Strippers Bare All on Work, Personal Lives","duration":"7:31","description":"La Bare in Dallas, now the subject of a new documentary, is the real-life \"Magic Mike.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/dallas-male-strippers-bare-work-personal-lives-24206607","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}