'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars': The Competition

Host Tom Bergeron and cast members talk about what they face in the dance show's new season.
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars': The Competition
I'll pull -- dancing shoes -- hip phenomenon is back and this time Dancing With The Stars fan favorites are returning to the stage for another chance at victory. Fresh on the heels of a big Emmy win Tom Bergeron. ABC's David -- -- about those star studded. Lineup. Tonight the host of America's favorite ballroom show. -- -- against barker himself. We'll winged woman on that Emmy statue it. -- -- -- took home last night. An -- Bergeron won her making Dancing With The Stars. This all those debts she's a celebrity ballroom competition I mean really when I was first pitched the show I thought this. Can't work this is a bunch of people coming out of their comfort -- almost as a lark on live TV the unexpected can and does happen. Like Kirstie Alley tonight. This right on the lips Bergeron had -- -- style. A few seasons back Marie Osmond. Hit that stage of the plan. Right after her samba that was the most dramatic of the things usually -- somebody popping out of a Dresser. -- and I'm always happy to help them back in. When I don't season opener. Completed game show -- back in the ballroom again former boy vendor Joey Fatone singer and actress Sabrina Bryan. And Bristol Palin whose mom was in the audience tonight and Pamela Anderson. Who by the way. It had vowed to stay settled. During her run and I guess -- thought it would give her competitive imagine so I happen to see here yesterday in the hall and over her shoulder. With her back to -- -- -- -- off the wagon. But also -- some of the show's toughest competitors over the years. We've got our first four champions but we've got that Kelly Monaco -- -- shame Emmett Smith. And Apollo and additional champions of -- and Shawn Johnson and John Johnson was the Olympic gold medalist from triumph in season eight. The Dancing With The Stars all stars features a rematch of sorts. We have one student -- of -- season and that that's intimidating because. It's not like since I won barely out to get me. Actors she'll Marines who came in second everybody tell me all -- the following -- permanent people six of them one. I didn't why you calling -- -- front runner and caring not. The third place finisher -- -- former Dallas cowgirls Melissa -- brought it seems like. Last time around was -- a particularly tough time in your life. Not a highlight. Last time around she appeared on Dancing With The Stars after she'd been proposed to on the bachelor -- -- -- -- Only to be famously dumped by her new fiance. On after the final rose. To me getting engaged in fighting that person was a one. Once in A lifetime thing he took that from. He's an eight I was coming up that every humiliating time in my life -- -- -- -- much better place I am I feel like a completely different person in the barn. This time around all of the stars face new challenges. They've -- ups and downs some haven't been dancing and quite awhile. Each of them knows that this particular mirror ball trophy there's a certain status among fans of the show for coming in two. A -- -- all stars and walk away now for all of these stars the pressure is on -- having done it before. They know what their influence my daughter is asking every -- win and coming back with a trophy she may get her wish were not. After tonight he's running a very close second place thank you in mind these re awesome but I'm David Wright for Nightline in health.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Host Tom Bergeron and cast members talk about what they face in the dance show's new season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17316026","title":"'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars': The Competition","url":"/Nightline/video/dancing-stars-stars-competition-17316026"}