Dating apps are bringing their most eligible users together at exclusive events

Apps like the League and Hinge are helping some of their users meet more potential dates offline and in person.
7:42 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for Dating apps are bringing their most eligible users together at exclusive events
As the online dating industry becomes more and more competitive some are finding edge off line personalizing meet ups. Singles on their quest to find love in real life. I would go with something more romantic like a pink. Getting ready for a big night out in San Francisco. Probably not appropria4e for tonight. Maybe a third date. She's dressing to impress for a third date. I think I'm going to go with this dress. I like it has a little flare so I can stand out. She won't be wining and dining with just one eligible bachelor. I'm feeling excited but also nervous because I don't know what to expect. She's spending the evening with a room full of them. A member of the league an elite dating app part of growing trend, bringing eligible users together off line at posh events. Even though it may seem the competition is between the daters, it's also heating up between the apps. As a dating coach I'm asked every day request which dating app should I get on. There's so much competition to get the daters attention and business. The online dating industry is worth big money. Over $2 billion a year. But the grand majority of dating apps don't turn a profit as they struggle to find against user bases like tinder used one out of four online daters. These data app eefrnlts events are allowing certain apps to stand out. Tonight the dinner party is hosted by the league. A friend of mine told me about this app where everybody was very smart, career-driven and vetted. So I downloaded it. And I was put on a wait list. I eventually got in. And it was exactly what I thought it would be. Today's matches got Jay, he seems fun. He has a puppy. So I say yes. And it's a home run. That means he matched with me. While some app daters might think meeting irls seems old school to her it makes perfect sense to help her maximize her time and narrow in on a potential love interest. Worst feeling is when you are at a bar talking to a guy ten minutes and he drops oh, my girlfriend likes to do this. Then you feel like a fool. So I love this because you know they are single. Some apps are selecting their top users and inviting them to come to the events. So automatically there's another threshold of prequalifying that's been done for you. I believe that you should put yourself out there in every single way you can. Probably end of last year I went the to a league event, met a guy there, he was great and we actually dated. It worked once I know it can work again. So this is my profile. On about me, always happy, always curious. While she has a perfect cure ted profile meeting in person could be extra pressure. I can introduce myself to anybody. But she thinks more to gain. In real life people look different than in pictures and you see someone's vibes, the way they treat people, the way they interact with you, the way they look at you. Those are such huge things that makes me like someone. As the event kicks off with a cocktail hour, the alcohol and conversations start to flow. For the apps these events are also an attempt to swipe away dater apathy. More people are turning to apps to look for match. 1 in 5 young adults but 12% of new relationships start on line and 1/3 digital daters never gone on a date with someone they met on an app. So wanted to rev up the user base and named most eligible daters. Are you all here for this event. We are. I'm malary. Tonight we're rubbing elbows guys potential partners. I want to find love. Malary is one of the most eligible tonight. I put it on my resume. I did. That you're what. ?? that I was one of the most eligible. A new comer to New York. Looking to maximize efficiency. I think getting to know people face to face is much quicker process. Are we going to get away from swipe filter. People are tired of swiping and don't want to feel their potential to find love is something as shallow as just a swipe. Across the bar we meet Guerin top selection. Why do you need a dating app it should be easy. Not that it is hard but everything for me runs through my phone no matter if it is ordering food, getting around, anything like that. What are you hoping for tonight. I think events like it had is pretty special. When you are around bunch of good looking people, anything can happen. Sounds like face value again. Yeah. Killing me.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Apps like the League and Hinge are helping some of their users meet more potential dates offline and in person.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"49084825","title":"Dating apps are bringing their most eligible users together at exclusive events","url":"/Nightline/video/dating-apps-bringing-eligible-users-exclusive-events-49084825"}