One day before midterm elections, voters speak out on what issues matter most to them

"Nightline" looks at competitive races in Texas, Georgia and more - and how issues like immigration and health care are playing into their vote.
7:59 | 11/06/18

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Transcript for One day before midterm elections, voters speak out on what issues matter most to them
More than 36 million voters have already cast early ballots on this election eve a country divided each side fighting for its vision of the future. Razor thin margins in many key races. President with daughter ivanka. Democrats are inviting caravan after caravan, isn't that night, of illegal aliens to flood into our country and overwhelm your communities. Donald Trump is not on the ballot but in fact is on the ballot. He has decided to bet his entire midterm election on this sense that Americans want to fight about identity right now. Former president Obama pointing to what he says is at stake. The character of this country is on the ballot. Who we are is on the ballot. For months ABC news has crisscrossed the country, many Americans saying the issues that matter most, in Tennessee, immigration resonates, even here more than a thousand miles from the border. Why do you think it is so energizing. If we went across the border in Mexico I would do two years in prison and my kids wouldn't be with me. They come here and get asylum and attorneys, it's costing us a fortune. The senate races notably blasted by mega star Taylor Smith, saying this on Instagram. . Swift's post caused a spike in voter registration but did not work on Marcus Jones. They're so out of touch with their security and million dollar mansions, the people love trump and believe what he's trying to do. In Texas a state with historically low early voter turn out early votes surpassing total votes of 2014 favoring congressman O O'rourke who was visited 254 counties in his bid for the senate. All that matters now is we are together. Is making unity a key selling point. But Paula spoke with this crowd. Raise your hand if you voted early. All of, pretty much all of you voted early. You know, you look at the Texas economy it's booming and I think Texans understand. Why would they want to screw it up. Cruz won his senate seat in 2012 with help from Christians attracted to anti-abortion stance but met with group of women who say they question which party best represents their faith. Felt like I had to make a stand on one side or another. One side is more in life who I believe Jesus is. And they're going to vote for oed Rork. What has turned you off about president trump. The things that fly out of his mouth are appalling. I'm a believing in Jesus. Those things will never come out of his mouth, how much will I allow before I stand up and say something. Plenty are for trump, plenette more against trump and they are ignited. In the closely watched gubernatorial race in Georgia, Stacy Abrams aiming to make history, if elected would be the nation's first female black governor her opponent Kim, in his role of chief elections official accuse Democrats of hacking state voter rules. Two days before the election. I'm not worried how it looks I'm doing my job. He asked for investigation from and found failed attack to hack the voter registration system and Democrats call it 100% false and abuse of power. And she responded. Do you think he deliberately cooked it up to help his campaign. This is a failure of his leadership. He realized he got caught he would lose. In 2016 he accused Obama's department of homeland security of attempting to hack their assessment but reports found no such hacking took place. He's also under fire for voter allegation suppression. It was found 53,000 voter registrations were on hold, majority of them voters of color. A federal judge assured the state they they could vote, he told my colleague he's trying to prevent voter fraud. What about voter suppression. That's a myth that Democrats bring out every two years. It's a battle for Georgia's future, seems to be still haunt bid its dark past. Thismagic. A impression of Oprah's voice dialled into unknown number of homes. -- both campaigns have condemned the calls. The access to ballot is serious concern for many Americans, what's on the ballot tomorrow is just as important the. In ABC news Washington post poll, 82% say health care is highly important in their vote. ?????? In Missouri while campaigning for Republican Josh Holley, trump talked about the popular provision of Obamacare. Josh Holley will always protect preexisting conditions. Holley has also joined a lawsuit to over turn Obamacare that would gut protections for people with preexisting conditions. Which is it it do you support the protections or get rid of them. I want to get rid of Obamacare and have the protections without Obamacare. Even though Obama keeps those protections. Obamacare is driving the cost of health care up. Thank you guys. Up against Claire will had determine the balance in senate and who will prevail. For us it's a question of is this Normal midterm election or has it changed our political discussion so that it's about who we are. Whichever party finishes ahead on Tuesday, what seems at steak what's at stake is what most people cherish, the soul of our

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{"duration":"7:59","description":"\"Nightline\" looks at competitive races in Texas, Georgia and more - and how issues like immigration and health care are playing into their vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58991977","title":"One day before midterm elections, voters speak out on what issues matter most to them","url":"/Nightline/video/day-midterm-elections-voters-speak-issues-matter-58991977"}