Deadly Twisters Hit Oklahoma for Second Time

Moore, OKla., tornado survivors recount how they road out the terrifying EF-5 twister just 11 days ago.
2:45 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Deadly Twisters Hit Oklahoma for Second Time
The people of Oklahoma might well of expected that the worst was over after that last tornado eleven days ago. Tragically tonight's deadly storm was a shocking indication that the new normal has yet to be re calibrated here's ABC's Byron Pitts. It's the most violent tornado I've received -- far it seems almost cruel this could happen again. It's like god it was just eleven days ago this 210 mile pro -- tornado plowed through the town of more. Oh my gosh I don't know if people lived and Allen in just forty minutes twenty for a dead among them ten children. Hundreds injured homes gone. Jason the -- shot this video moments before he and his family took shelter below ground. Only to re emerge today it's. Lord give a similar take. His optimism spoke to the Oklahoma spirit. But this video first released ABC news showed what that spears. -- had to endure. This was the -- with a tornado struck prior wood elementary school. One teacher at the presence of mind to report. Names of terrified children from -- -- reassuring voice teacher. -- -- -- -- The reunion starts. The -- they only rushed to collect their daughters from Breyer would. This image seen around the world. I tried to move her breaks off from my liking. Her selection I was. It was -- in tornado had not left edge and -- screaming help rather angry hanging -- kicking me. And soon we were all reminded once more. Might. Whenever man a mother nature meet this way. She wins it's -- and pretty as their religion more. We're gonna rebuild. And they've already started by picking up the pieces families like the Paterson who lost everything -- We'll put and his -- -- -- will let god -- it is about nobly and tonight that famed -- spirit is being tested yet again. But when the sun returns so -- the survivors. Yeah and. And they will rebuild. They always do. For night lost tyrant it's in New York.

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{"id":19303450,"title":"Deadly Twisters Hit Oklahoma for Second Time ","duration":"2:45","description":"Moore, OKla., tornado survivors recount how they road out the terrifying EF-5 twister just 11 days ago. ","url":"/Nightline/video/deadly-twisters-hit-oklahoma-time-19303450","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}