Deepak Chopra, As Told by His Son

Gotham Chopra's new documentary, "Decoding Deepak," paints an intimate portrait of his father.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Deepak Chopra, As Told by His Son
with terry moran. Beloved by oprah, adored by gaga, over his nearly three decades of teaching, minded a body guru deepak chopra has created nothing short of a spiritual empire. But now, a new documentary, made by his own son, is surprising some surprisinged a jektives his way, like smartphone aticket and detached father. Abc's dan harris sat down with both chopras to discuss the film. Reporter: Deepak chopra, spiritual teacher to stars like kim kardashian, 50 cent and lady gaga. The most influential person in my life. Reporter: And the author of 67 books is revered by millions. But not, apparently, by his own son. He's meditating. Reporter: Gotham chopra, deepak's only son, is about to release a documentary called "decoding deepak," that is an up close -- okay, just keep filming. Reporter: And not always flattering portrait that has some of his father's followers fuming. There's no ego in it. None whatsoever. Yeah, right. Reporter: In this movie, your son shows you scratching your butt, sleeping when you are meditated. Obsessed with being in the public eye and detached from your own family. So, how is it that you are still on speaking terms? I think maybe I should get up and leave the room. No, it's -- I'm detached, as I said. Even in the movie, I said that. My love for him is none of his business. And I would love himmer representative of that. Reporter: No part of you were annoyed, upset? I was not personally offended. There's nothing to be offended by. You know, he's a human being. His audience often has a very idealized version of him. And that is a hard expectation to meet. Reporter: In the film, gotham portrays himself as the prodigal son who was groomed to inherit the keeps to his father's spiritual empire, but instead, went off to be a journalist and filmmaker. That was shooting. Reporter: Going to be a frud yan temptation to see this movie as a son who is angry at his dad for not being around. It's not even frud yan. My father was not the father who came to soccer games or played catch in the front yard. Reporter: In our interview, gotham was at pains to point out that his portrayal is also an affectionate one. I never set out to destroy my father, it's called "decoding deepak," not destroying. I'm sensitive to that. Reporter: His cameras chase his frenetic father across the globe for a year, during which deepak often tries to commandeer the film. The story begins about the 1952. I think that should be the ending, with special effects. Reporter: "Nightline" makes a cameo in this scene, where deepak is supposedly on a meditation retreat, but instead stug about a redent debated we hosted with his arch nemesis, the skeptic michael shermer. Nonlocal guy. You're supposed to be detached from that right now. I'm not. I was a little upset. Pissed off. Yeah. Reporter: In the next scene, deepak gets his head shaved and is ordained as a monk, though he does not let go of blackberry. Send me a text before you leave. Reporter: He also tweaks his dad about giving incomprehensive speeches, an issue that gotham and I teased deepak about this. The universe is a nano technology workshop in the mind of god. Reporter: That's where it gets hard to understand. Why? I mean, you are using -- Reporter: Let's poll the room. I'm glad everybody is getting a window into my world. Every time you think you are here, you slip into the matrix. Reporter: There are a lot of tough moments in the film, but it is in gotham's word, a love letter to his father, who came from india, became a pioneer in mind-body medicine and has impacted countless lives. I am moved quite regularly now by people who came up to me on the street and say, your father helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life. Reporter: Still, deepak says when he saw the film, it was a bit of a wakeup call. I think I've gone through some transition and some introspection. Are you always right? Am I always right? I tend to think that I am. And maybe I am wrong and people see me as wrong many times. Maybe there's some truth there. Reporter: A world famous spiritual teacher who may now have learned a few things from his own son. For "nightline," this is dan harris in new york.

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{"id":17345227,"title":"Deepak Chopra, As Told by His Son","duration":"3:00","description":"Gotham Chopra's new documentary, \"Decoding Deepak,\" paints an intimate portrait of his father.","url":"/Nightline/video/deepak-chopra-told-son-17345227","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}