Tricks to Improve Your Memory

Memory champ Nelson Dellis teaches "Nightline's" Bill Weir to memorize cards.
5:02 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Tricks to Improve Your Memory
-- summit did you memorize -- cards. Start. And however the spacecraft's. Jack. Features twelve cards. Most people invited him -- cards comes five days -- May remember -- -- Don't forget the suit -- And Corso literally three euros floating -- -- -- number two hard. Google's -- also cut back. -- -- -- -- -- And -- good attitude. But where does -- it's Spain's. -- witnesses Wednesday. So do is come up where we're gonna put. The suits altogether or are you come up with your own images are -- start with the hearts. -- the easiest because. The closest you -- arts could be your father -- here it arts could be your mother. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are so now we have images. No action objects when you figured out what. -- horse. Let's action and that -- -- -- -- horse folk arts. But our regards. I think of my -- reading the Bible okay your brother getting a lap dance. That's objects. Could either be money or a stripper -- -- -- certain real on the over the stripper that's disappointing obviously queen of -- Bible. OK so let's go to the diamonds. So because of diamonds let's think of really rich people whose. Richest person -- Actually a person popped in my mind Bernard Madoff. -- That both should go -- -- It's. Ill gotten gains. As a matter so -- made off what's his actions. He is. Make -- license -- -- -- -- -- its words. -- endorse. You know. On the Bible. -- the judge. It's mr. Europe. Bernard Madoff making license plates Oprah Winfrey giving the -- -- Eva. And Jay-Z. Fantastic motor -- office so now it's up. -- cars. And for -- records that put. Then down and make it a little story. For us that we see in the sequence is going to be -- person. To person. The second part will be. Also person -- union action diapers. And a third cart will be on us and we put them together into one right. But clue in clue worries about person doing this year -- object. We're gonna stick that in the room. And this could be what's -- -- -- this office. We have twelve cards. For. Potts look to the furcal could be best table -- the next could be his jacket. Maybe that helmet but there. And it may -- And -- want a little journey that little -- 1234. So let's go. -- -- -- King of diamonds. -- appear edits. King of hearts. -- close. Ups. -- arts. And we Jack alerts. Jacket closed. King of spades. We've got to. Jack -- diamonds. Them. Queen of diamonds -- -- And king of clubs. There's. -- to order up. He's changed my life. Go -- -- though.

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{"id":15989422,"title":"Tricks to Improve Your Memory","duration":"5:02","description":"Memory champ Nelson Dellis teaches \"Nightline's\" Bill Weir to memorize cards.","url":"/Nightline/video/dellis-nelson-weir-bill-memory-cards-brain-tricks-15989422","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}