'Devil Inside': Worst Movie Ever?

Why would a movie that got horrible reviews be so popular at the box office?
3:00 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for 'Devil Inside': Worst Movie Ever?
Movie trailer begins with sound from an old 911 call from here -- woman with a voice like Axl Rose reporting that she is just killed three people. Sure thought millions of people over the weekend. I've watched that. And so they did and now -- many of whom seem to regret that and Hollywood is stunned the whole ordeal here's ABC's John Donvan. The trailer looked spectacularly scary their daughter and tight and contends. -- There's only cost a million dollars to make. It -- -- fabulous opening weekend selling 34. Million dollars in tickets that is a lot of people who went inside all great. People -- when they came back outside. Well some people took a few more words than that going online to say I personally when asked for my money back the worst ending I've seen in ten years. I can't remember any time when the crowd around me all started to boo proximity recorded that happening in action when it up when you -- Along with some other YouTube brand. Maureen and her anger and movie phone's 62 review -- you -- good money on this heard I think the double digit do it I'm now. -- that is some bad word of mouth indeed last Friday it was the big night for the devil -- side. Already by Saturday night audiences were shrinking but by then the filmmakers had made their money. -- they were probably a lot happier than the moviegoers but really if it's that bad is how did -- sell so well for one night. -- and I think more than anything else this is a coup for Paramount's marketing group they had a great trailer. Really good poster with a picture that nine with -- eyes scratched out. I and I think it really got people curious to go see a movie that -- accounts nobody really liked. Maybe the producers. But they were doing when they held back advanced screenings so how did you make all that money. Hopefully things may have worked for the death of -- side. One it was the only big film opening this weekend across the -- no competition for moviegoers really desperate to go to a movie. Two harder under category where the fan base doesn't seem to give a damn what the critics say those twilight films predicts always hand them. Fans always love them. And three well trailers -- an art -- all their own take you -- 81 of the best all time trailers. -- And in this house. The most die now horrible events took great also highly rated site goes straight. End the trailer for the shines a well cut trailer really exciting news. We'll get people into -- theater tickets -- really excited about it. The devil inside was a hit a -- -- spectacular as long. The swatches inside of two minutes bowling however what I said. -- that's just one I'm John Donvan for network in the U.

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{"id":15326760,"title":"'Devil Inside': Worst Movie Ever?","duration":"3:00","description":"Why would a movie that got horrible reviews be so popular at the box office?","url":"/Nightline/video/devil-inside-worst-movie-15326760","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}