One Direction on Life as the New Teen Idols

Boy band talks new album, tattoos, handling fame and taking on a movie about their lives.
10:40 | 08/27/13

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Transcript for One Direction on Life as the New Teen Idols
I'm Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley -- have always been sailors who work their female fans into a frenzy. Then came The Beatles and a whole new level of star was born. -- -- boy bands have become serious business with millions so even save billions of dollars at stake. At the top of the -- one direction. They're the product of a star making factory that's -- -- hysteria at a fever pitch tonight an exclusive look at what it's like. To be the news teen idols. Every generation of girls -- one. A boy band that -- the heart of the -- This moment that -- in one direction. Often in every sense of the word. Successors to New Kids On The Block. -- So -- They did something -- The Beatles didn't do. And -- -- number one in the US with their first album does that with the comparisons with The -- I mean how do you feel vigilant comfortable those. Yeah in other news wasn't going to I think he's just got such a big thing too little too about how could not couldn't -- and in the same same -- as having sex. -- -- -- We have permitted unprecedented access allowed where millions of teenage girls would love to be. Their dressing her. Go and get a show. You know some jeans. And -- Stars. While -- goes to shower. Nile is best buy their stylist here there is getting pretty recently. Thirteen -- -- There's this and this is a safe haven a place they can reveal a little more. -- -- -- If he'd -- -- who led gulf. And all of us except the nautical these -- -- just crosses under what remains is just the it is screws to keep -- together but his -- keep -- -- thing. My mom it was them. So that's one of the -- -- -- some it is obvious that so long if money is on hold O hold this is big that is a big -- about a mile long into the -- on the songs that figure out. I take -- receiver Thomas is a place of some outsiders -- -- picture this -- -- -- from the people don't realize that there isn't it's scary when you -- -- those people street. This is it just trying to do their way. No matching outfits no dancing. And so far it's working they just wound up their sold -- world war. And one of DNA last night for their summer hit. Best song -- One connection is more convenient it is a business. Still clan merchandise into -- -- -- and teachers perfume and books. Could they be the first billion dollar boy band after the. There's an article the other day that said that if you are about to become the first boy band to ever -- a billion and a -- It's envelopes that figure -- that money from -- offshore -- I wanna know about they try to keep his son. No matter the topic. -- -- Lighthearted clean cut image of the band clearly part of their appeal still is still a lot of pressure to stay this sort of squeaky clean like. But -- -- -- -- I think you've got to be yourself in this thing of the was gonna drug habit notes so you know we did we tried to best selves and you know whether people -- is people are not so we don't go around like. Confessing to being role model source and another because you know we we my my mistakes and -- -- -- have played idiots that they knew from three years ago almost an hour. How this kind of -- it's -- times -- -- loans who have come on down. He didn't. Three years ago Perry was sweeping up the -- -- and -- worked in towards Iran. It would just five kids hoping for a break from the British reality show the X-Factor after being booted his solo artist their hopes were shattered -- At Simon Cowell brought them back to the -- but because. Giving them another shot at this time as a group. And though they only finished third Powell signed into his label anyway this is just the beginning of the how and include let me kiss in not -- could avoid sitting in. Good looking -- -- Germany. -- social media. The band itself has fourteen million Twitter followers nineteen million on FaceBook. And more fuse on YouTube than the population. From Britain. Well all that has teenage girls screaming crying and strewn across the globe. I had less security going into a maximum security prison than trying to get close to you guys are going to go to -- many many times. Legal correspondent so does -- get old the whole thing of moving you from spot to spot. Now we just and you -- it. On the pump and dump where he's. Coming Hellman and we know we have a good laugh you know Baylor road and -- footage of that Baylor -- buddies and two so -- it. The -- And that is another part of the -- they like each other -- theme at the heart of their new documentary. This designs which debuted. But we got them all to ourselves. I think yeah. I know. One of the criticism that the band is that you guys that you you play guitar that mostly most you guys I'm playing. Instruments and that -- not writing. Much of your -- Yeah now I'm not its NX -- we actually wrote may be I'd say what managing ample. Ten and has its hands on a consultant CNN's -- well accidents and this is the lead at ten -- -- -- -- think thirteen. 141000 the next album so we wrote the majority of and we when you know we work for lyrics and music. Well I know that both families. The band insist the music matters -- But the -- -- aspect of the band's appeal is not lost on anyone. Certainly it's not them. Can anyone show me a -- we haven't seen before. And what -- we got. From her. And I got a look at it I knew absolutely kidding but it was exciting -- -- women. You can't blame a girl for asking. Just the kind of harmless flirtation that keeps teens. All hijinks many of their young fans say they see the boys as much more. And a -- that this -- feeling among some of these girls that you literally. Save their lives that they are going to -- -- period with their families did something horrible has happened do you feel certain sponsored. Ability it's -- crazy life. Whole moving. -- to think that you could that you could change somebody's life you don't really expect -- -- reaction I guess we're just. Humbled by it and and you know grateful that we can -- -- but come -- Condit I think you know son Austin to know we can do that was his say no we just don't want to win you know to fund -- Phoenix -- -- -- -- -- -- still gonna -- out -- me. Think the misperception the greatest misperception that -- -- -- day. Nobody expects this to have any country I was just thinking. And -- in the -- action day. It's the exact opposite and that longer that would stand about the mock trial that we've got to get them everything and so you know it's very important for us to be. Over every pot of any -- Pietrus. From this -- and and and why this is does give us a vivid -- the band's antics. There is something we don't see their girlfriends talking about ways Wallin and yes why what only when we see that part. We've never we've never been abandoned those like lied about having -- -- with or cents a we have you know it wasn't like a thing. That we can't -- -- posted just. It's just that they did just that wasn't always the best -- didn't always include it wasn't because it's bad for business. -- -- -- we -- about this yet lions mines activist. Us. If small lot -- warning to show a lot what the bond is about and obviously Iago friends like. Personal -- individually like so we didn't really want to show you know. -- individual post a lot so naturally I -- so who's available now in his. Available available. -- you're you're not getting him get taken taken. Taken to. We'll find -- so what about the rumor that. You have a -- that true Kelly -- and it is illegal and clash true. Anything yes well now she knows why she knows us so knows -- the message -- I want to thank. Thanks for and that does and -- it was a -- that you had a crush as well as that true me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Crushes or no crashes Hussein has big news. Just days ago he -- -- to his girlfriend Harry Edwards a girl band member and another Simon Cowell created group little mix. First -- congratulations. Retirement. I -- -- -- this come back and show thank you for asking the hat. And I don't suppose you're gonna tell me when you're gonna get -- not show myself yet so a lot of evidence that is god would you really -- minutes them. -- heavy -- and several available and minister -- -- would you political. I like to be in control -- Certainly an enviable offer. Well. Cynics will say the band is just a manufactured cash machine their humor an innocent too good to be true. Test the -- They'll tell you they just want to stay regular guy -- having the time. Of their mom. Does that get harder and harder I mean -- was and other things it's not it's not about. It's not about being who you were it's about keeping the -- can New York. Well one directions document -- this is us opens in theaters this Friday. August 30.

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{"id":20077607,"title":"One Direction on Life as the New Teen Idols","duration":"10:40","description":"Boy band talks new album, tattoos, handling fame and taking on a movie about their lives.","url":"/Nightline/video/direction-life-teen-idols-20077607","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}