DJ Cassidy: Obama's Beats Master

He's played at Beyonce and Jay-Z's wedding and he's spinning for the Democratic National Convention.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for DJ Cassidy: Obama's Beats Master
For people inside the hall music is absolutely critical it sets a mood gets people going. At this convention they used a DJ whose Clough idealist usually includes people like Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West ABC Cecilia Vega tagged along. The man who drops that beats for the Democrats. Tonight in Charlotte a handful of famous stars -- center stage. Mary. Marc Anthony belted out the National Anthem. Scarlett Johansson made it hits real black president -- -- mom up. But there is once secret weapon. Yes this campaign has been back pocket and celebrity deejay the sought after beyond -- cart accident -- team to play at their weddings. He can rake in up to 100000. Dollars. He would DJ Cassidy -- Indian -- incidentally played through this campaign. Hoping a little Madonna might bring some cool and to this whole convention hall that night -- Teddy. And yeah -- -- -- -- One little very likely go along -- -- saying. Can't. But you know that -- works and you know excellently here you know. Celebrate and yeah. His real name is capacity without my eighteenth he was partying with models and speaking -- -- he even chanted the president's birthday. So much that is big ticket items. Thornton president mark excerpts that probably had not been made -- its validity -- -- Hogan's ex Helena. -- -- -- I I don't expect science field. That was used to. He works with the campaign to choose the the song. He's easy to spot with his trademark top hat and golden microphone sitting always in the best seat in the house this is what pointing -- -- again -- The most well one point. Yeah I wish every young person -- would actually call and hats -- Did you watch much of the Republican campaign. I've watched song would you think of the music collection. Thank you won't hopeful if there are doubts about whether some of the hope has faded the palace has died the list -- People celebrities aren't buying it there in the convention only escalate reliant and Ashley Judd yeah. Here they're also hosting the after parties like Eva Longoria and low right at a local Charlotte -- You feel like it's losing -- it was four years -- absolutely. As the clock strikes 1 AM the party starts to look like animal house took over Capitol Hill -- we have Charlotte. Thanks to a little Jackson high. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For DJ Cassidy the goal -- to keep that party going all the way until November 6. Yeah. For Nightline -- Cecilia Vega. And Charlotte's.

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{"id":17179638,"title":"DJ Cassidy: Obama's Beats Master","duration":"3:00","description":"He's played at Beyonce and Jay-Z's wedding and he's spinning for the Democratic National Convention.","url":"/Nightline/video/dj-cassidy-obamas-beats-master-17179638","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}