'Django Unchained': Tarrantino, DiCaprio Talk Movie's Controversy

'Nightline' anchor Cynthia McFadden talks to Quentin Tarrantino and the stars of his latest film.
3:00 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for 'Django Unchained': Tarrantino, DiCaprio Talk Movie's Controversy
This award -- in the name on everybody's -- seems to be jango. The controversial gun slinging blockbuster just scooped up five Golden Globe nominations. And -- on its way to becoming the most successful Quentin Tarantino movie at the box office. But his rave reviews have been accompanied by plenty of criticism well tonight a special preview of our exclusive Nightline -- of him. It is one of the best -- but most controversial movies of the year Quentin Tarantino's. Go unchanged -- -- I sat down with Tarantino in two of the film's stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx for their only joint interview about this movie. Which defies classification and ethnic revenge fantasy. Collectively -- -- morning. Romantic western. It's also surprisingly. Funny a shock given the topic. Slavery. It won't bring -- there -- bags no nobody brought an extra bank. On -- asking. One critic said recently. There's something for everyone to hate in this film if it -- something to make everybody -- -- -- to do film like this. With Quinton Tarantino. In the net and not expect that I think that's what you sign up for. Black. Personal -- who says with -- in whereby the pass is supposed to. -- years after the women of the. Fox -- -- freed slaves. Mission for his wife played by Kerry Washington. And Tarantino and the material is explosives. Loaded violence and more than a hundred uses of the landlord. I don't think anybody is actually going out there saying that we use the word more extensively than it was used in. 1858. In Mississippi and if that's not the case then they can shut up. DiCaprio plays the truly despicable Kelvin candy Dennis -- -- going -- it's a good bit of -- Plantation owner and all -- bad guy who uses the N word repeatedly and. And I gotta -- of the first day -- -- was incredibly difficult for women didn't -- that -- Most compassionate but it won't -- -- But it all right I -- into the Gaza outlasted watts -- and he goes he -- -- removed it's bloody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I say what did he says it's tough I -- you know what you him. Supposedly -- -- not supposed to feel like this normally in 2000. What. 2013. Senator Jackson quickly say hey America get over it is just another Tuesday for us and let's get going. The language is -- hard for us as actors descend some of the things in my character does are it is -- obviously atrocious. But you know they both sat me down Sam Jackson we were all sitting around him and if -- don't. You don't take this character to be under extreme if you don't speak the truth about. The way we were treated at that time. You know people are gonna think this is sugar coated that you're not telling the truth. And then there's the violence Tarantino has never shied away from -- from pulp fiction. Two employees faster. Even by his standards this film is particularly bloody. Especially as it's being released in the shadow of the sandy -- massacre. Does the director think the violence he put on the screen makes real violence more likely the fact the people will be wasting time. Talking about the violence and in movies or in -- book -- in video games and not dealing with -- What obviously. Is a real problem. Is. You know it shakes is Shakespeare's time he was blamed all the time for the anarchy in the street the -- violence in the street. There's crime who do you blame blame the plane makers could very easy to blame.

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{"id":18118903,"title":"'Django Unchained': Tarrantino, DiCaprio Talk Movie's Controversy","duration":"3:00","description":"'Nightline' anchor Cynthia McFadden talks to Quentin Tarrantino and the stars of his latest film.","url":"/Nightline/video/django-unchained-tarrantino-dicaprio-talk-movies-controversy-18118903","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}