DNC: Post-Party Analysis

It's crunch time for President Obama's campaign and our political pundits give their take.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for DNC: Post-Party Analysis
Back in Charlotte now after day one of the Democratic National Convention how big how big kick off what they need which is a convention and it sparked the base and get those undecideds what few are left George Willis with us and Donna Brazil as well support -- the verdict and -- World convention is first of all pep rally John Andersen -- And America -- -- he gave up quite traditional unlike. Mr. Christie's. Republican -- -- quite traditional community groups. Happily flying in the but also told having fun people like -- have happy -- there. He was smiling all the -- even when he was doing violence to the good name Republicans -- just -- Michelle Obama's challenge was different she had to tell us something we did -- in -- modern president. There's an open book who has been reading himself to us. Incessant this president route two books about himself as a young man so what could she tell us. She combative image. Barack Obama's cool and detached too much with -- no drama Obama. Currently great stories -- people in the country that really frightened -- -- -- And tonight she tried -- He's not to smoke detached from so cheerful this from Castro goes a long way in a pop and politics and passion Barack Obama's passion. Inspirational I think tonight Democrats came here. One -- hear from the First -- they wanted T hear what is going on in this country. And tonight she asked that -- -- President Obama. Is now only a great dead. A wonderful husband but he's a proven leader. And let me tell you what he's been up to so she -- in -- in the blanks -- Democrats have been long and hear about. What this president has been fighting fall we know the values of the middle class. But now he's fighting for jobs but we also heard from speakers like -- Castro. And there's no question he clarified the choice that we go on followed -- -- president. Was -- and demonstrated that he knows how to. Fix this economy he stabilized the economy we've gone back and of course that's Mitt Romney -- was -- night for the Democrats real anxiety. The big question people have is what's going. -- what -- -- look like four in the next four years Bill Clinton said when times are tough people want not inspiration but explanation. Beginning at that the vision thing about what the next four years look like that's Barack Obama's challenge -- Thursday night is that he has to tell us. What the second term is going to be is -- going to be different. And this is -- difficult because the American people want something different because they're not elated -- the condition of the country after four years of his presidency. So yes to satisfy the desire for a second chapter without in any way repudiating the first. Kind of a delicate line Donna do you think that there was a class discussion happening here that what Michelle Obama and Julian Castro was saying is. Barack Obama and we the Democrats are more like you than Republicans. Look there's there's no question the Republicans have been saying let's go back to trickle down politics. Michelle said tonight. Let's grow the economy from the middle middle so middle class families working families that's how we get America back on -- road to prosperity. That's the traditional new deals kind of material politics but what struck me tonight the hospital. You want to get Democratic Convention delegates to jump to their feet to talk about lifestyle liberals. Contraception abortion and same sex marriage -- three subjects that got them standing to. That is what -- the hall George will Donna Brazil.

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{"id":17156982,"title":"DNC: Post-Party Analysis","duration":"3:00","description":"It's crunch time for President Obama's campaign and our political pundits give their take.","url":"/Nightline/video/dnc-post-party-analysis-17156982","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}