Drew Barrymore on Marriage

Actress talks about her wild-child past, new movie and the new man in her life.
4:46 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Drew Barrymore on Marriage
I don't let anyone who loads drew -- -- No me neither. She's like ice cream or blue skies but life has been famously rocky for that kid from ET a few demons to battle. A few love life missteps but if you root for her happiness along with the masses. You might enjoy hearing what -- has to say to ABC's Chris -- in this. The Nightline interview. -- -- -- films like Myers starter -- EC. -- is Hollywood royalty. From the wedding singer. And then he. Never been kissed and everything expect. A rom com -- -- the audience the -- her every move on the screen and done. A lot of people out -- care about you they root for your happiness. Either -- What would you like them to know about your fiance. That he is they've really good per -- And and proud of my choice -- Drew Barrymore -- recent engagement to art consultant will Koppel's son of a former Chanel CEO is just one of the choices she's excited about a one time wild child turned. Said he domestic goddess. I'm starting to cut it scary what do you make you suits. Six. Baby steps so anyway what changed -- thing. Maybe it's age me because -- starting younger and going through -- midlife crisis. Now at lake the Mars now just quiet and calm you can -- on side. And that kicking your -- When she produced and started Charlie's Angels the town was first. It seems as though your career took kind of a pivot point a few years ago. I wanted to do something that the that even I didn't think I could do. So this leading lady -- -- bank ability. But playing -- deal -- CD in grey gardens. I -- This man. And directing. Roller derby romp with it. Her latest is big miracle the true life saga of three whales trapped in the last night's -- -- stars as the Greenpeace activists. Have lies the multi form rescue attempt. These things -- be a case it made me emotion -- it gave me hope that it was something where people but there. Agendas aside to. Do something together. I would love to see that -- the were all. -- what's happening. The Alaska locations and cold -- real whales were not who they weren't after the -- special effects but in electronic. -- and sounds sort of like an insane person as saying that that. I was so appreciate -- to work. I get much like ET. With something that is in Ingraham. -- -- Big miracle is based on a story that appeared in the satirical magazine spy back in 1989. An issue that also featured. A barely adolescent Barry Moore. How are you in that picture. I. Was she ever. Back then she did it all drink drugs rehab younger than anyone. I was lost and scared but what it did learn is. Humility. And that things can go away. These days he opened down -- -- -- roller coaster past seemed to have given way to quieter satisfactions. In life. -- When you're young you're always wondering when -- actually gonna feel like a grown up and then. On sudden went to you kind of feel like that developments really nine east. That right now. For Nightline I'm Chris Connolly in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Actress talks about her wild-child past, new movie and the new man in her life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15444878","title":"Drew Barrymore on Marriage","url":"/Nightline/video/drew-barrymore-marriage-miracle-15444878"}