'Duck Dynasty' Controversy: Bigotry or Faith?

A&E suspended patriarch Phil Robertson for making anti-gay comments in a GQ interview.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for 'Duck Dynasty' Controversy: Bigotry or Faith?
News from the intersection two of great american preoccupations reality tv and the culture wars. Just hours ago, the stars of the mega hit duck dynasty issued a statement strongly indicating that they may be welling to walk away from their show. It is all part of an uproar over questionable comments about gays and african-americans and abc's matt gutman is on the story. Phil robertson patron saint of so many hunters known for his grace in the back woods and that duck call. Seemed to blow it for real this week when he preached to gq about what is sinful telling the magazine, start with homosexual behavior and morph out from there. Beastality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman. The patriarch didn't stop there, robertston who grew up in louisiana, tells gq, the african-americans he knew then were happy. I never with my eyes saw the mistreatment of any black person. Preentitlement, prewelfare. You may were they happy? They were godly. They were happy. No one was singing the blues. In the two days since those word were publish aid cascade of recriminations have ricochetted. One possible casualty is a & e's crown jewel, duck dynasty itself. The family tonight threatening to call it quits. This is the patriarch of the most watched unscripted cable television show in history who preside over a $500 million empire, the bush-bearded sons of duck dynasty among the most highly recognized americans anywhere presenting at country music award, rubbing shoulders with the nation's top politicians at the white house correspondents dinner. They have their own christmas cd out this year. Christmas cookies are a treat. Duck the halls anyone a? When I hung out with them for a day this year, they preached the gospel of their love for all good things. Guns, fried frogs legs, family. And god. Their shop is a shrine to many fans. But duck dynasty's massive success the past few years may explain why the comments published in "gq" triggered controversy. First a letter from human rights campaign and naacp to a & e calling marks dangerous and revisionist. After lumping gays with terrorists, he said we'll let god sort them out later. And they heard him being placed on high yap us and perhaps pushing him to this apology. I would never treat any with disrespect because they're different. We are all created by the al mighty and like him I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved god and each other. You've would think the star of duck dynasty's goosz is cooked. Not soap fast. Fans and his family are fighting back. Late tonight his family released ate statement saying we could not imagine the show going forward without a patriarch at the helm. We're in discussions to see what this m for the future of duck dynasty. There are others out there saying the duck stops here. On some one on facebook they called for the boycott of a & e until phil its brought back. Some of his fans are big guns. Like sarah palin seen here quack h ing around with the duck dynasty cast. Come offing to phil's defense. Accuses liberals, and bobby jindall making the pro duck call. Others are saying robertson is being attacked specifically for his religious beliefs. The family prays at the end of every show. Their fans love them for it. Tonight, perhaps they're praying that this too shall pass. For "nightline," matt gutman, in Announcer: The following is a

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{"id":21285755,"title":"'Duck Dynasty' Controversy: Bigotry or Faith?","duration":"3:00","description":"A&E suspended patriarch Phil Robertson for making anti-gay comments in a GQ interview.","url":"/Nightline/video/duck-dynasty-controversy-bigotry-faith-21285755","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}