Dudeism: The Path to Lebowski Enlightenment

Inside the bathrobe-wearing, White Russian drinking, real-life Church of The Latter Day Dude.
3:00 | 08/25/12

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Transcript for Dudeism: The Path to Lebowski Enlightenment
You know many of the world's great religions began when average men had extraordinary visions well the church of the latter -- -- -- began. But a guy named Oliver got -- at a cafe in Thailand with some buddies and had a vision of a movie called. The big -- about -- In that cult classic -- found an unlikely savior in Jeff Bridges character -- dude and he found a philosophy that now has. Get this hundreds of thousands of followers including a few we met. On my afternoon. With the do -- Lama. If your parents raised you right then you have a healthy suspicion of guys who Wear bathrooms and public. Editor Judaism Judaism is a communicable form of companies are any thoughts -- basically. To try to get people to just take it easy especially the ones who start their own religions. But what does this guy actually stumbled into a better way of -- What -- the -- is a real key to inner peace who would possibly believe it. Well for starters but anyone who love the big about asking your -- about ski. I'm include the 1998 film stars Jeff Bridges as the dude in easy going Los Angelina with a fondness for we eat in white Russian statement. -- -- soaking through the recorded sounds of whale calls. And on league night rolling a few frames with his -- -- But after confused thugs -- head and he and his drug problem Barack. The -- -- swept into a gauntlet of mistaken identity persecution. And yet. Keeps his zen all right yeah. -- act. The Coen Brothers have made better films and bridges has done more important work but for some reason this one still resonates. What -- you get yelled at the most by people on the street. Why -- -- you -- out of the sixty. Many films you've done that Fallon resonates the web it's such. There are a number of -- housekeeper that surround the world where fans bull when drinking -- their favorite lines. But what do travel writer named Oliver Benjamin saw the film on a drunken afternoon in Thailand. -- -- more than a cult. Comedy and song that you win the -- as he -- model for modern living. Suddenly realize that. It didn't really matter if you weren't -- success didn't really matter if you weren't -- what society approves of what really matters is your own attitude towards life and you could totally control. How you felt about your life by. Not playing into the hands of the dictates of society. On a lark he anointed himself the -- -- Lama and registered the website dude -- dot com. And today -- are are over a 160000. Judas priest's. But then again it's super easy to -- I state your name out as an ordained Judas Priest I -- about. Taking easy. That's got a few hours of Bolivar and awaiting his -- -- -- in the church of latter day dude. And I saw firsthand why it is the world's slowest growing religion. What did you profit. Beyond their message a little louder another thing is I kind of -- to. Something. And about -- We did little do dictation. Think of your mind as like a radio and senate trying to find the channels. -- trying to -- -- But after retiring to these little look -- -- bookshop and downing a little -- dude where have in my own. Somewhere after partaking of the white Russian and watching him lead the sermon by the counter that's one of the main messages and Judaism -- -- -- -- -- is just taking it -- -- -- -- she's dead serious its. Basically modern Dallas it's. His idea that. There is harmonious way to live your life there is a good way to live you know a life affirming way to live what happens to duties. After that -- to -- -- I got golden bowling Alley where the way fractions flow though because then people won't be living their lives in the hearing now that the whole point to do business to be alive while you're alive. It's -- as alive as possible the arch duke she tells me that East Coast kept him -- through the fury of Hurricane Irene. And -- Oliver's mom died recently in the stress was making him very -- dude it was his community of fellow duties that pulled them through. Just like a real church how many people are in the an ordinary share a 10200. How -- convertible -- -- 10200. We are designed to be in tries of people -- -- hundred to 200 people. And to the -- for each other. To always checking to see what condition my condition isn't always check in the past so the next time you're stressed out on some cubicle know that somewhere there is a man in a robe. Hoping he'll take the rest of the day off so help me do -- for religious purposes. --

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{"id":17078036,"title":"Dudeism: The Path to Lebowski Enlightenment","duration":"3:00","description":"Inside the bathrobe-wearing, White Russian drinking, real-life Church of The Latter Day Dude.","url":"/Nightline/video/dudism-path-lebowski-enlightenment-17078036","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}