Dunwoody Trial: Insanity Defense

Man claims a devil with the voice of Barry White told him to shoot another man.
6:12 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Dunwoody Trial: Insanity Defense
Riveting trial taking place in Atlanta a young father gunned down as he dropped his two year old son off in the morning -- -- The victim 36 year old rusty -- a Harvard Business School grad and father of two. Who married his college sweetheart and the man on trial for his murder. Is pleading insanity. Claiming an Angel who look like Olivia Newton-John hold him to do it. We examine his unusual defense tonight for our series. Time. -- It was a horrible -- November 10 2010. Rusty snyderman had a terrifying run in with his soon to be killer. He was home alone with his two year old son. You can't imagine at -- while there's a man who is sleeping in my backyard he's running I think -- the gun in his back pocket. Now he's running away I don't know who the hell is it and I don't want -- my mind how -- It's -- -- pauses console his young -- I know but I think extra water bottle sorry. Eight days later -- was not just. Killed he was executed by that very same -- Shot and killed minutes after dropping off his children preschool this actually -- Shot three times in the chest. And then at Cleveland range in the -- as he lay on the ground. It was a first night. -- -- -- When. Didn't survive. It all happened so fast and seem so meticulously planned. The police thought at first it was a professional content. The killer wore a disguise a knit cap and a fake beard and raced off in the silver minivan. The Stanley offered a 101000 dollar reward. It took two months until there was a break in the case and then -- -- Newman was charged with murder in the first degree. A high level operations manager at General Electric 5000 people reported to him. Including the wife of the dead man enter -- snyderman. His trial began this week in Atlanta. That silver getaway car traced back to him -- Newman. This man sold in the gun he start out by saying. Don't ever had a mistress. Even Newman knew he'd been caught his lawyer admitted in court. -- -- Shocked. And kill. Rusty. -- The -- get sticky. The prosecutor says Newman killed in cold blood because he wasn't -- what's -- and wife Andrea and wanted him out of the way. So he could marry her and raise her two children. The defense says Newman is a sick man who killed not from hatred. But from insanity. He. Has a delusional. -- order. And here's the shocker the defense is arguing a double that several of -- -- Perry -- Told him to kill himself. And then an Angel resembling Olivia Newton-John. Told him to kill rusty snyderman in the prosecution makes fun of this. An Angel told him. Pieces. Fitting into his children -- -- The defense is counting on to save him from in prison. And told him. Rusty it was going to horror that you'll. That it to protect children. That he needed to kill -- And for the insanity defense to be successful the defense will have to convince the jury. Not only that he has a mental illness which caused the hallucinations. They'll also have to prove he didn't know he was doing anything wrong that will be. Top office's top criminal defense attorney Jerry -- you know I read somewhere that the insanity defense as used in about 1% of criminal case as the go to court. And succeeds in about 1% of those you think those -- that might be an exaggeration. Braylon. It's very very Republicans in this instance where the defendant has taken the trouble to get -- disguise. Has fled the scene. Doesn't have play into the notion that he will us what he was doing was wrong -- -- problem. -- no question about it. And and oftentimes that's that's -- -- circumstance that defeats the insanity defense. One key question pursued over the past couple days in the courtroom. Was Andrea having an affair with I mean -- she took the stand and denied it. There was no -- But a whole series of people from a waitress she was dancing -- -- she pulls her back. -- turned over there were groping each other and home present cats are underway to -- real estate agent and friend. Testified the two were involved romantically. -- Ortiz. That they kissed and fondled each other hand. Then she got went to act. Even one of her closest friends has. Notes -- D'Andrea admitted or denied an affair with her boss at that time after them. Based -- all the time you know Andrea based on your observations of her her mannerisms. When she told you know. Did you believe. -- my heart. Really want to believe her but she didn't believe. By the end of court today it seemed -- it was the only one denying an affair. How will that play in court -- -- -- -- -- back on him because it because it affects the integrity of his insanity defense and a jury may infer that she was part of a plot. Strangely both sides will argue to the jury that the affair was very real. The prosecutors that it drove him to murder the defense that it drove him crazy.

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{"id":15781017,"title":"Dunwoody Trial: Insanity Defense","duration":"6:12","description":"Man claims a devil with the voice of Barry White told him to shoot another man.","url":"/Nightline/video/dunwoody-trial-insanity-defense-15781017","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}