'DWTS' Pros Talk Fame, Fortune and Killer Moves

Tony, Cheryl and Derek spill the behind-the-scenes beans on their dancing partners.
3:00 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Pros Talk Fame, Fortune and Killer Moves
When ABC's Dancing With The Stars first -- in 2005. We -- turned -- to see bold faced names of -- gave their way into national humiliation. Or maybe that was -- me. But as a testament to the show's eight year successful run the once obscure professional dancers. Have become famous in -- rights as much of an audience draws their glitzy pupils and three of the hits topped four dollars led ABC's juju Chang through the steps. Of their -- injuring. Demands grueling practice and seniors dance group. Those who are Dancing With The Stars. It requires abs of steel. Part of the campaign. You may recognize their faces behind the -- fox -- -- their way into being stars themselves. We went behind the scenes and discovered it. I mean family of dancing pros like Tony don't. -- dinner costs and Cheryl Burke you guys are like a circus family and I mean that in only the best way and. This function. -- to get sick would violate the regulars. And we have come back year after years. Derek has been a fan favorite since his little sister -- and urged him to join the cast its own dancing is in their -- Competing since childhood they've racked up world titles alongside their mini mirror ball trophy and -- Inspire and motivate -- to go and talk people and motivate them to do what's. Just in general justice and life just just sent to live man -- suddenly she's she's the beyond dancer choreographer and reality show star to Eric's passion now extends to producing. He's in constant motion -- happy feet now because -- -- This incident ms. would have connection. That's not just said Shuler and evidence that emotional and -- I'm getting super deep it sometimes to be spiritual habits like it really special. When we're doing it feels like it's like to just -- slip a little hole and hopeless but did it but yes that is key -- -- to the senate. -- add costly to the diesels -- you don't see when you're dancing is very seductive I don't thing. It wouldn't. And soon. There have been a few rumored romances between the rumba is Cheryl was once linked to partner Chad Ochocinco. But she says you want the audience to believe the sensuality DC on -- What's it like when you have that chemistry and dance with Ali's hunky guys I'm so used to it literally let Brian be -- -- holiday long but for us dancers have been doing this since I was eleven years old Cheryl never imagined that her childhood passion would lead to fame and fortune. She was happy as a young struggling dancer in New York it cost so much money at the -- on travel to pay for lessens it pains -- on cost and I'd be. In Harlem like tough fight and in reading putting rice and the like -- is on -- on it she says her life changed overnight after dancing with singer drew vishay. And on TV and then within a film legend Emmitt Smith. This season shows partners comedian DL -- their first performance -- the lowest scores of the night from the judges. Len Goodman Bob. -- -- -- We met up with them the next day and look at -- as Sherrill was trying to help -- her partners bruised ego. What -- it would be wearing pots your apartment you like to call us. This it was -- -- you were when you get 34. Yeah. Let's check let's let's did curly hair for a sec off the dance floor Cheryl is now a spokesperson for impressed name. Now it's not even depends usually wearing it right now right now I'm looking -- -- -- even grow up like one big family. Cheryl has known Derek and Mark Ballas since they were kids. -- who grew up do you -- lived and trained with the -- Stanley in London from age eleven. And the current reigning champ Tony Dovolani -- baby -- the mall. I'm though uncle you're just are -- -- I feel like. As they always come to me for. Advice for -- wisdom. That other dancers come -- all of Tony is definitely like the got eight is that around August -- if it takes true grit to be a chance -- may take the prize it's always the right -- doesn't tell me everything any snow at 39 he's known for his maturity zen like personality. And -- also matched with the more prickly females I love how he teach but you're not taking into consideration how I learned. You're telling me out of -- and then I do I that's wonderful living hasn't talked to handle partners like you know I mean as far as Israel by Kate Snow laden -- because citizens element of the ballroom because I am. Maybe nurturing or respectful of the. He moved to the states as a refugee during the war in Kosovo. Since then he's mastered just about anything he's tried his hand -- In fact that I got a chance to live life I was -- -- -- may god regret that cut inside -- to its fullest. Right now he's kicking my but it who. I've seriously been console but ever the teacher he showed me a few of his -- You want to hit it like right here when I remember him in the lineup -- -- And. In the off season he runs dance studios and is devoted to his wife and three kids his son was recently diagnosed with autism. He looks of the world -- such a beautiful way and I think every parent should tensions is that kids through an autistic kid because it changes their life that they makes them. So much more aware of the beauty of a person. And justice the uniqueness of -- But after fourteen seasons dancing the miracles do they -- Until this perfect score with -- -- -- found. Obviously there's a bad was the best thing for my kids I left and a kitchen table for the first -- days it was their trophy. This season he was paired with country singer Wynonna Judd because she insisted on it isn't -- that you asked for Tony you ask why. I love his teaching in the way he'll go. Counterpart things you get right -- to two things you didn't do right like. Gosh I've never heard that before therefore leaving right now. The pair was eliminated last week Wynonna and Tony. But even in defeat the -- was beautiful. For Nightline I'm juju Chang in Los Angeles.

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{"id":18910956,"title":"'DWTS' Pros Talk Fame, Fortune and Killer Moves","duration":"3:00","description":"Tony, Cheryl and Derek spill the behind-the-scenes beans on their dancing partners.","url":"/Nightline/video/dwts-pros-talk-fame-fortune-killer-moves-18910956","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}