Dwyane Wade: Bringing Fatherhood Back

Part 3: ABC's Juju Chang talks with Miami Heat super star on promoting family.
7:01 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Dwyane Wade: Bringing Fatherhood Back
The people who built this country often came here for one reason to make life better for their children. Today many American families are in crisis and a down economy the smallest Americans are often those who suffer most. But it is in the next generation that we see our hard work for filled. Our deepest wish is realized. And so ABC's juju Chang caught up with one man who says he is passionate about things. -- Dwyane Wade leads a double life. By day he earns fourteen million a year playing this game and -- support. Him. -- -- -- But at night he plays a different well. As a single father raising his two young sons and a nephew. What event do you -- house role in the coming hours the good ideas who those who put him and have put to the way Washington. Express its legacy lives so you have the I want them following the moms at school didn't know what to make of that. DD Dropbox notably spurs without like one only -- dogleg holes and now becoming -- -- -- It's -- -- this -- because ways is a man with a mission I don't. To bring back a pillar of the American dream the bedrock American value of family. He's reaching out to fathers and sons to combat the epidemic of broken homes. A jaw dropping 72% of African American kids are being raised -- a single parent. Mostly women. As Meehan. We have to get back in time to -- -- them to make sure that this country that we live. Continue to memories and great -- It's a message to -- spreads everywhere he goats the spores -- out at some point a life is not going to be there. Today he's meeting with several families to discussed parenting Twain talks have sold them you know. What a man does and what a -- should -- how miss Salinas family but he also boasts a book about how far. But teach them he taught me how to -- bottle without being there. And we root cause that he made on cruelty the -- right behind 32 year old Kelvin Durham a single parent himself -- -- his kids will be inspired by -- Hillary and we always think what make what it will make what -- say then. That he made the decision being -- can be better than doing when she got to work. Hello and better than doing well short. Something I will never be. You know there are a lot of critics out there would be like oh sure it's easy for you 3-D way you're a millionaire NBA player easy re going to be a dad. -- not about. How much money I haven't don't have is above the town -- -- sit down across table from monkeys and and they don't get some right helping them get it right. I think this is another pro athletes pet projects but even President Obama appointed wade as a kind of ambassador at large for fatherhood. And to understand how much the idea of family means to him. This -- -- You need to know where he came from you sit down opponents to -- to an all night sit there waiting to see if his mommy don't. On compliance -- -- mom -- Linda abandoned Tulane in this sense in -- downward spiral as he was growing up on Chicago's harsh -- signed got to get deeper deeper into the dark droves alcohol abandoned build of the homeless lies that you name vigilant that was -- -- it. One day his then twelve year old sister from -- took eight year old -- on -- bus trip to go live with his father. -- left the -- years earlier. Not always -- of the movies it was -- -- -- -- drop me off and she never. Came back to give me I didn't know what's gonna happen I was -- my -- gonna drop on back off but I -- -- to see you know and on deck capital he also brought basketball in your life anyway. He did he put the ball in my hands. You know in the since he -- that doesn't vote because he loved it so that's a big gift he became the biggest. -- -- -- -- -- -- As -- basketball career took off mom finally got sober she decided to do the right thing and turn herself in to -- jails and. He was tough. -- -- -- days enclave and it hurt occur. Leslie told him he -- you -- -- he broke things that you mind. And those all new all my god like a bit now I can do this guy and I can do -- -- Because -- -- -- zero. The assault when his mom finally got out of jail she -- -- -- into the open arms of her family. I could do a number just you know hold on dry weather and -- -- happy tears wants no one would have blamed you for being angry and you. Did nothing but embrace her. So I -- because of them -- in the states does she mean it was only two great things now for me because I wasn't gonna make those states. I have baltics. Forgiveness is now part of pastor Joseph Linda -- ministry and it was to blame the kid who wasn't sure of his mom was gonna make it. Who blocked hurt the church are you timing between -- as a mama's boy -- the -- -- well. After almost losing his -- -- vowed never to be a deadbeat dad. Despite a bruising three year custody battle with his high school sweetheart not many fathers fight for custody. -- -- -- -- -- They want to. Get pushed out of my boy's life on the -- and then I'm always in your bed -- we'll fight to based on the life. -- -- -- -- Four year old -- is marking the day history goes to see mom Dwayne once is poised to know they have to loving parents no matter what can only ship me and my ex wife. My kids love. And you know -- days are better. When they talk -- -- for the basketball phenom who had to sit out his freshman year to get -- test scores up homework comes before basketball. No this was important to me promise in the vehicle and Chris due respect. Man. Things like -- -- you know when he slid a little bit had to -- mother -- -- All proud at -- at all. Did that. Afloat -- but I. -- took parenting classes and and I. And. -- now the -- brought his family back together it's given the -- helping others to do the same. Whatever my parents going to. Don't they haven't -- it so I never. Pretty blamed anyone but it's the story of Dwyane Wade's life and by sharing its east teaching there are probably I want to -- opening and it.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"Part 3: ABC's Juju Chang talks with Miami Heat super star on promoting family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15134213","title":"Dwyane Wade: Bringing Fatherhood Back","url":"/Nightline/video/dwyane-wade-miami-heat-basketball-children-family-15134213"}