Dwyane Wade: 'Mr. Mom'

Miami Heat player raising 3 boys speaks out against epidemic of broken homes.
3:00 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Dwyane Wade: 'Mr. Mom'
They sobering 70%. Of African American children are being raised by single parent mostly moms. But NBA star Dwyane Wade is one of the most visible single dads in America man who fought harder for custody than any rebound. It's just one reason President Obama holds him up as a model of modern fatherhood and ABC's juju Chang got to see the all star. And a whole new life. Miami Heat led to star Dwyane Wade is itching to get back to work. And that you are raring to go -- -- -- that's my Christmas presents I like him. But the end of the six month NBA lockout is also bittersweet for him because behind the multimillion dollar brands. And the super human athletics. He's a -- single one -- pleasing to some remnants. Dropped notably spurs -- -- -- -- like. One only dogleg -- and now becoming -- -- -- It's an apt nickname because wade often speaks out against the epidemic of broken homes. -- -- -- man. You know there are a lot of critics -- there would be like -- sure it's easy for you. 3-D way here millionaire and let him an easy read of -- dad. It is not about how much money I haven't there's about how long women sit down across came from here. And and they don't get -- in helping them get it. And -- never wanted to be a deadbeat dad. Despite a bruising three year custody battle with his high school sweetheart not many fathers fight for custody. What make you. And I was -- and then stand in my way of let them know that you know I'm here and I'm going nowhere. On the mobile data -- and -- dead and -- -- fight. -- -- -- Four year old -- is marking the -- so it goes to see month. Dwayne once is poised to know they have to loving parents no matter what kind of leadership. -- -- my ex -- Mike his love and you know -- days are better when they talk heard. And to understand how much the idea of family means to him. This bill. You need to know where he came from the sit down Nance told them that all night sit and wait and see if it's -- -- Com hands and his mom Jill Linda abandoned two lane in -- sense in his downward spiral as he was growing up on Chicago's harsh south signing. -- get deeper deeper into the dark rules alcohol abandoned building the -- -- lies that you name it -- Linda was there in it. None on my mum was -- Was on the alive from day today -- us on the. 67 years old I'm thinking about his sister -- -- to go live with their father -- left the family years earlier. Not always going to the movies it was -- -- drop me off. She never came back to give me. I wasn't sure my dad's gonna drop on back off but I fell one to see you know and NASDAQ capital he also brought basketball life anyway he did he put the ball in my. So that's a big yet indicated -- you. So why aren't yet. Duane got a scholarship to play at Marquette is mom worked hard to get clean and sober but she decided she had to turn herself in to -- -- -- -- Jail sentence was tough. It was one of the worst days and play and -- hurt occur. Leslie told me you say you -- -- he -- he's that you mind. And that's all I needed all my god like a bit now I can do this -- I can do this. Because -- zero. -- -- He became the first round draft pick for the Miami -- there's a championship and an MVP title. When his mother finally gone out of jail she walked right NT open arms of her family. -- the number just you know holder -- whether in England cried happy tears -- no one would have blamed you for being angry and you. Did nothing but embrace her. So are new because of the moves in the states they see me on -- will make sure that -- -- that I did different. -- -- -- -- Forgiveness is now pastor Joseph Linda -- ministry and it was -- the kid who wasn't sure his mom was gonna make it. Spot -- the church new creation. -- calls. Of his generosity of the hard -- have I said you're feeding people you're quoting people is so much that he's don't want. And his body has not even here are you timing between -- as a mama's boy midway -- Tell the trick you tell intimidated by me right to hold it to him and he -- definitely has the soft side. Ellis now. I got my first enhance. And he'll be the first time he's a lucky -- Not because of his life on the court. Because -- waiting for him when he gets. -- -- thing from nine million. And the have a new appreciation for the man when he watched -- and the rest of the heat -- a rematch of NBA finals with the mavericks Sunday afternoon start of like Christmas Day doubleheader.

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{"id":15218354,"title":"Dwyane Wade: 'Mr. Mom'","duration":"3:00","description":"Miami Heat player raising 3 boys speaks out against epidemic of broken homes.","url":"/Nightline/video/dwyane-wade-nba-superstar-mr-mom-15218354","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}