Easy Money: Fast Cash From Unwanted Presents

Tips for how to sell unwanted holiday gifts or re-package them as new gifts.
4:39 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for Easy Money: Fast Cash From Unwanted Presents
I'M assistanty McFadden. It's that time of year again time for the holiday spending hangover and for those of you feeling the sting it may surprise you to learn you could earn hundreds of dollars from the gifts you don't want or have lying around the house. Paula farris brings us the tips. Reporter: Meet jamie and jordan from new jersey, jamie is a party planner and stay at home mom to four children. Dad works in the software industry. What did you get for christmas? Reporter: They shop the sales to make sure santa delivered on christmas morning. Did you get this for christmas? What is it? Reporter: But bills can pile up. And who doesn't need some extra cash. Fortunately there is a lot of loot hiding in their home and we will help them buy a new camera. You have a nice camera. Yes. But not practical. Not at all. I have to try to get that out right now and I lost. Moment's gone. And really? Really? You're overloaded. You think. The camera you're looking at? The camera I'm looking at will fit right in this bad boy. So we brought in tech editor joanna stern to help them turn household goods into cash. Did you know you can get cash for old kids' clothes without leaving your home. They will send the bag alyou l you do is load it up. We are over $40 right now. Reporter: The family will have spent some $14,000 on one child's wardrobe alone. Multiply that by four kids and it's $56,000. How to get the most bang out of your bag. They have to be consignment quality. No stains, rips, taers. We evaluate it and we pay her up front 20 to 40% of each item's estimated resale value. All that is left to do is drop it by the door. Reporter: Mom and dad got $80 for old clothes. Half of what they need for the camera. Next go junk drawer diving. We upgraded and don't need this. Reporter: We can trade them in. That's 60 there for that. Reporter: But if you want money on the spot, try target. You can trade in used video games and electronics. You could get $9.50. What about my iphone? 225. That's good to know. That's good. 199 on contract. Two rooms down, $218 and we strike gold with christmas gift cards. We have barnes and nobles. They will give us $46 for this $50 amazon gift card. And another 46 bucks for $60 worth of barnes and noble cards. And what about getting what you really wanted. Shop wholesalers for big ticket items at steep discounts. Americans return $63 billion of unwanted gifts this year and here's where many end up. Can you see us? Secondipity.Com let us in their warehouse. Mountains of unwanted presents. We have vacuum cleaners right here. I have a feeling santa might want to shop here. Secondipity.Com sells them at discounts up to 80%. A lot of the gifts do come back here if it's out of the box they can't put it back on the shelves. Reporter: That's where we found the camera for a fraction of the cost. We were here to put real money in your hands. And we got enough money to get your new camera. Your cybershot. Actually enough for two cameras. They uncovered $375 in household goods now gold instead of garbage and are capturing family memories. For "night line" I'm paula farris in new jersey. Next up, mariah carey tells

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{"id":18157731,"title":"Easy Money: Fast Cash From Unwanted Presents","duration":"4:39","description":"Tips for how to sell unwanted holiday gifts or re-package them as new gifts.","url":"/Nightline/video/easy-money-fast-cash-unwanted-presents-18157731","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}