Surviving Breast Cancer

Philanthropist helps other breast cancer patients in financial dire straits.
5:20 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Surviving Breast Cancer
It's -- -- -- the growing sense of the rich seem to be getting richer while the rest of Americans are just running in place is accurate. The Congressional Budget Office reports that over the past three decades the income of the wealthiest 1% of Americans. Has skyrocketed 275%. Tonight we preview -- moving HBO documentary the education of DD -- which premieres tomorrow night on HBO and shows. That kind of imbalance may even determine who lives. And to -- jobs. -- -- was young only 38. When she found out she had stage two breast cancer. The divorced mother of two young sons she pulled herself out of poverty and made a fortune on Wall Street. How did you make a decision have a double mastectomy I was told my chance -- better by having it double mastectomy and make it -- -- the most radical treatment possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- As deep thought for her own life she took on another -- -- well to help -- women have the same chance for cure that she did. That battle was at the heart of a new HBO documentary airing tomorrow called the education of DD -- I thought it was. My obligation to get back to this could happen when I had him. So just one week -- double mastectomy. DD travel sixty blocks north. Her penthouse apartment the Harlem a world away. To meet with renowned surgeon doctor Harold Freeman. I really was going to come and cut. Cancer out of -- But cancer wouldn't you to not -- the course. The people were poor. And and and sores and -- and too late was certain of these amendments. And seeing a breast cancer and woman borrowing. Almost always -- at this point. Early breast cancer the earliest stages of breast cancer are curable almost 200%. Late breast cancer. People die from it and and -- A shocking reality brought home to DD at their first meeting when doctor Freeman tells her. He's struggling to raise two and a half million dollars or lose a vital pledge of the same -- I'm from teaching your money. -- And I'm getting get it going in the next compliments after payment will -- You have time for this nation. In fact that you have to go out there can work to raise 2.5 billion -- a disgrace. You get -- 2.5 billion and you can't get a lot more. This is -- might. Something else important happened up in Harlem. And otherwise unlikely friendship that opened her heart. And broke it. It's a tale of -- cities. In the way -- -- What can happen. To -- for women with the same disease in the same city. Doctor Freeman introduces DD -- patient Cynthia Dodson. Cynthia was diagnosed late with stage four breast cancer as a sell -- in the -- when women are uninsured. Principles that I am. Because I wasn't you know horrible episode was when I'm supposed to attack US economy and bad suit that okay. At cancer I'm not trying to -- I'm doing my best to live up to an -- think positive. Prado worked for anyone. It wasn't so much print with others is more it -- -- one don't want -- pat myself. Because act at Kenyon -- think. That's when my kids that make me want to be a better person -- got -- and I -- -- I can't. Out of her own pocket DD paid for -- -- but it was too late. The disease that brought them together ultimately separated them. Cynthia died. At age forty form. It's unacceptable. That women. Die from breast cancer. The -- report. And of course -- -- -- we can fix America. If DD -- has her way. We will so how much money you get them to all of this lot personally as well. Personally -- I get -- A little respect -- The that's putting your money where your mouth and and you praised. Are coming. All of the F and sent it to since being. About ten point 310 point three million dollars. The best thing that ever happened to meet with cancer because it opened up to all of the suffering that's going on in this world. I don't let me get that. Fit is not a medical issue. -- is the moral issue. Thank you.

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{"id":14823452,"title":"Surviving Breast Cancer","duration":"5:20","description":"Philanthropist helps other breast cancer patients in financial dire straits.","url":"/Nightline/video/education-surviving-breast-cancer-14823452","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}