Elementary School Gunman Took Hostages, Police Say

A 20-year-old is in custody after allegedly carrying an AK-47 inside a Georgia school.
3:00 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Elementary School Gunman Took Hostages, Police Say
And again -- -- terrifying event in Atlanta today screaming children flooding out of their elementary school a gunman inside with a semi automatic weapon. A scene harking back to the tragedy that took place -- the year ago in Newtown Connecticut. Today thankfully no one was hurt but -- sure all of the country -- back to school questions are bound. How did an armed young man stroll right into an elementary school. And why. Here's ABC -- since on. There images no parent wants to see and -- are frighteningly familiar desperate teachers at the Ronald. Rushing the young children single file away from danger and inside the elementary school a young man with a gun on the loose. We suspect he came in behind someone who was authorized to -- -- it was only the second week of school when this all too familiar scene unfolded. He started a fire from inside of the school he -- -- 1 PM caring and AK 47 knock off and a number of other weapons. Sources tell ABC news the alleged gunman -- twenty year old Michael Brandon hill from the Atlanta area. He was recently arrested for alleged aggravated assault on a police officer terroristic threats and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His connection to the school is unclear. The alleged gunman approached the front office held the staff captive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he came in the door he came in the door with a gun drawn. And -- and -- -- the the teacher was looking he's seeing it on the -- This is for real this is not up a -- Shots were fired thankfully with no one injured. Young students were -- many ran away from dangerous police swarmed the building. In a bizarre twist the gunman asked Antoinette to call our local ABC affiliate WSB. Lacey LeCroy received the call. And she said that she was in the school and that the gunman was there and that he wanted channel two news to come to the school got to the first -- -- was -- to. And so -- called channel -- he did tell them there's talent get out -- As to why he wanted. Channel -- the content and she said he wants you to start filming as police officers died he was -- in his life and take all the cops and everybody with. And I knew then that she'd. Was -- you know completely serious -- said. -- he ever got -- she said yes. And they achieved positive she said visible I was scared for her -- she said he wanted to tell you that he doesn't care if he dies. He had an end -- going -- -- he was willing to -- and that fact he's fit he -- and then he didn't have any reason to live. And that he knew he was gonna -- today he actually tried to go out the door with -- -- as -- -- And I called him back and kept talking to him. To keep him -- to stay inside with me because I knew that if he got -- fact he was gonna start shooting -- -- he had already shot a round -- in the office with me. When the police arrived the gunman fired at the officers. When we received a call -- we engaged he started a fire from inside of the school at our officers. What we know -- right away as that he had wanted to the staff members inside the main office. They fired back shattering a glass window at the entrance of the school. He possibly -- his -- isn't anywhere from half a dozen shots when he fired out of the building at police officers that we're approaching the scene. And -- and officers had a clear shot they returned fire. But Antoinette was able to convince him to drop the gun. What's on the put the gun down on the table empty his pockets. Put all -- that everything he -- into the school because he put a -- day. But they. Could put a break for the ammunition is in there a bunch of men -- magazine clips in the act -- our downtown. And then I tell them to lay on the floor and he said okay -- on the floor when he put his hands behind his back he said Karen animal on the floor. No one was injured in the alleged shooter surrendered he's in custody tonight. Her parents waiting anxiously the scene was chaotic. Family members waited for hours at the local Wal-Mart to be reunited with their children when the buses arrived with the children parents cheered. -- -- Parents began to question how shooter. Could get into their child's school. Oh yeah there emotional. I'm just wondering how the diversity in cities who when I will look who's who take any school I have life. Bad news sometimes bringing advantage it's a scooter and his prison just Waltz in off street. They come right into the school. Isn't telling you can't scrap. Unless you have it you can't distract him. I don't -- and it doesn't make. Can actually. This that -- really don't know what to say because it's so Friday to send children to school and you don't know. It did not return home but was waiting for -- this is really bad. The very thankful superintendent of schools worked the crowds of the blast day it's tragic situation but at same time we also -- please. That all of our children -- -- all of our employees who saved. Police found a car -- the shooter parked right in front of the school. And I -- and -- hit one the vehicle. We suspect it may have been some type of -- -- inside of the vehicle. The bomb unit had a -- the trunk to check for explosives none were found. The incident today was a scene eerily reminiscent of the sandy hook elementary school shooting last year in Newtown Connecticut. -- 26 were killed including twenty children. Between the ages of six and seven. -- been at least eight cases were shooters have been on school campuses since new talent. With the school year just beginning many are taking precautions into their own hands bulletproof backpacks are being sold to protect young children. And the University of Maryland has invested in bulletproof white -- -- keeping students safe in the classroom. David camp told me there's nothing like safe kids. And -- -- school and used to living room. Yeah that's right I don't know if this were your marbles. And a crazy Tom a lot of great people. We've heard if you start from -- yeah. All time. Tonight children are telling -- stories of how they -- under desks when they heard the gunfire despite what happened -- back to school in the morning. For Nightline I'm Steve -- and sunny in Decatur Georgia.

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{"id":20019289,"title":"Elementary School Gunman Took Hostages, Police Say","duration":"3:00","description":"A 20-year-old is in custody after allegedly carrying an AK-47 inside a Georgia school. ","url":"/Nightline/video/elementary-school-gunman-hostages-police-20019289","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}