Emails From Beyond the Grave

Friends, family claim they got posthumous emails from a deceased loved one.
2:43 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Emails From Beyond the Grave
When Jack -- died suddenly at age 32 he left behind grieving loved ones and plenty of friends. So how is it that five months after his death emails from Jack -- began arriving in their mailboxes. A cruel prank. Technical quirk -- Something more. Here's ABC 2 -- This winter done more Pennsylvania. Us. One night and going through my -- on my phone. And popped -- senator Jack very. I turn and -- the white internal white -- Jack -- is best friend. And. Brad Jack had passed away what do you turn on the heart or -- it's a weird. Weirder still because Jack died in June Tim Hart got the email in November -- -- those. -- -- I'm watching and so -- I'm watching. Did you hear me I met your house clean your attic and the clean your -- was the second the last time -- here we went up to my at a we're up here. Look at that what we have to do for your monitor. Finish. The floors and Joseph -- And he's doing -- -- this attic before I get up here just he and I felt that I had an email from Jack Jimmy McGraw was Jack's 'cause. The -- actually November 21 at 1030 at night. This is hey Jim how you doing. I -- you're gonna break -- ankle tried to warn you gotta be careful and then assigned to factories I had broken my ankle actually up. Thought the week before walking -- -- a way to work. And really didn't see anyone besides. Couple friends -- -- my family that was that. The message is we're so short so specific. So personal. I didn't know what authority. Let it be ghost 2.0. Digital communication from beyond the grave. Sort of an updated version of frequency. Below where Dennis Quaid communicates with his son from beyond the grave over shortwave radio. All of us yearn for a shout out from the people we have loved and lost no matter how mundane the message -- the -- Jack's friends family business is more than just mystery. Was wrong I look at it -- He's -- -- he still trying to connect with me and still trying to tell me things -- Move along and feel better -- tried replying to. But got no answer. We spoke to his mother. And she told us. Don't think what you want about it or just accepted as a gift. And which I did and if somebody's messing around I don't care because I take it whatever way I want. -- know that people had received. I thought they were fantastic they were great. Ice. And now they made people happy upset some people but to me that's keeping people -- -- -- him. You know. They say death ends a life not a relationship. Maybe that's true on line to. The emails stopped right away but for Jack's friends they were like Jack himself something to treasure. I'm David Wright for Nightline in Los -- --

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{"id":15933705,"title":"Emails From Beyond the Grave","duration":"2:43","description":"Friends, family claim they got posthumous emails from a deceased loved one.","url":"/Nightline/video/emails-grave-15933705","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}