'End of Illness': New Age Care

Dr. David Agus gives his approach on how we can prevent illness with technology.
4:37 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for 'End of Illness': New Age Care
What does it take to save a man from himself you know the kind of guy who enjoys -- by the -- and beer by the yard and never ever gets a check up. Well if you watch last night you saw that for this knucklehead. It -- a controversial procedure known as a cardiac CT scan and tonight I think about life and health. Like I never half but could such a test be right for you and what about other amazing devices just over the horizon well here's the latest in our series. The end of illness. -- your heart rate is eating a fifty which is slowing bay. My accidental -- to enlightenment started here courtesy of doctor David Vegas he has treated the likes of Lance Armstrong Ted Kennedy and Steve Jobs. And this test was his way to illustrate the ideas in his new book the end of illness. I'm would have deal when -- -- here broker could -- Vegas thinks that instead of spending billions treating the sick. America should be focused on preventing sickness altogether. By using the best diagnostic tools we have and it was all very fun and interesting until the CT scans were revealed. And he pointed out the sickness in my heart. These lesions -- significant arteries in the heart can -- heart attacks in the near term. So we all hear read in the Paper about the 45 year old who went jogging in died of a heart attack these are the things we worry about especially early individuals. That picture and his description of it shook me to the core I had no idea and ever since I'm eating better. Moving more dedicated to my own health like never before. And since sharing this story I've had dozens of people asked the same question I asked him should everybody have one -- -- Everybody should discuss it with your doctor and if you do. You learn just how controversial this test really is especially if you are seemingly healthy person like me. The American Heart Association would not have recommended that test for me. Right you're probably right we you would have it sounds like based upon your history. And what -- told me thus far you would be -- low risk. So we probably wouldn't have recommended that you get a calcium it's scan at this point in time. The FDA and others agreed warning of this machines radiation risk. And the chance a false reading could bring on want to cost and stress. There are false positives or false negatives of any technology. To me though this is an art it matter who does it where it's done -- lessened dramatically the chance of false positives and false and I -- the somebody good -- Doctor -- believes that much like other gadgets and our lives medical technology is getting better and more reliable faster than we can keep up. For example the DNA test. I spit in -- two and he can tell what my chances are developing certain diseases so we have here you on -- page. And so when I did this person was almost religious militant goes -- this really has me. And I -- behavior changes right now this kind of testing takes around the week. But by 2014. The FDA is expected to approve a machine from life technologies. They can be called the secrets of your body. An almost real time. The Human Genome Project took ten years. Cost three million dollars and now you can do it in two hours for a thousand bucks -- so that's for the original -- -- for a couple of jeans -- dollars. That's the power. The idea of instant care will really take hold around 2015 as machines once the size of major appliances. Fit in the palm of your hand. In the future it's going to be a little different. Because instead -- you going to the machine. The machine will be there so for example this is the next generation ultrasound machine where -- hand held would get to the point where. You can have this in a Smartphone -- began around seven years from now six when he nineteen we'll see the -- you can measure every protein in your body. And those proteins flow through the blood and they tell things what to do they tell your heart to beat you tell your body to grow a few young child. To those proteins are basically the messengers if you will. Until we can take a look at the messenger just like a World War II they -- would decrypt the message is what it decrypt the human body would attend counseling its. And in a decade 20/20 two doctor Hayes believes your annual checkup looked like something from the movie Attica. In the future what's gonna happen is we're gonna -- your finger. There's going to be a technology that takes that information out of you -- couples with -- electronic medical records everything your doctor -- -- is askew.

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{"id":15391254,"title":"'End of Illness': New Age Care","duration":"4:37","description":"Dr. David Agus gives his approach on how we can prevent illness with technology.","url":"/Nightline/video/end-illness-age-medical-care-15391254","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}