Erin Brockovich Fights On

ABC's Cynthia McFadden checks in on Brockovich's latest crusades for clean water
3:00 | 12/10/11

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Transcript for Erin Brockovich Fights On
We don't hear very often about the acts of citizen heroism. That lift the American reality closer to the American ideal but eleven years ago Hollywood brought us the extraordinary story of one exceptional hero Aaron Brockovich. Who stood up for community she says was being slowly -- Erin Brockovich is once again raising the alarm in the community she's -- to protect just might be yours. Here's my coworkers that they McFadden as Nightline investigate. So you know -- guys get out here and finish your job and they can meet the -- -- Erin Brockovich. Bold brassy. Limbaugh enough sounds to -- -- in the movie name for her you want me trust you. -- -- Paper and don't use big words you don't understand instead Julia Roberts got art. And the Oscar. Classic -- hits. That costs we met the real Erin Brockovich fifteen years ago reporting on the discontent in Hinckley. And another small town called cattlemen PG began using the accident -- in those days Brockovich was a file clerk. Who found herself piecing together the story of people like -- who were sick and scared. It would either be knows that -- aren't making an hodgkin's disease and neck and chest. -- And they were so many war. Brockovich and about helping them make the case against their neighbor that giant utility Pacific gas and electric. Who they claim to poison their water supply with a chemical Californian now recognizes as a carcinogen. Chromium six. And covered it up. A decade what the people who live around here though is that the few weeks after our story aired PG Younis saddled with a new residents. But 333. Million dollars. The largest such direct action lawsuit in history of the company never acknowledged making anyone's sent. The movie became a hit and Erin Brockovich became a household name. Yeah and she insist -- the passionate fighter for the idea that one of the most basic promises of the American dream. -- always are students in -- healthy and safe place. Thank you can make death. Well be you know she's an alarmist rabble rousing some. And folk -- -- under. -- I believe. That we had a huge problem with the water in America we don't want to make that connection. That these chemicals at varying levels and -- water supply. Over time. Isn't fact related. To -- disease process and it concerns me. Greatly. Now people from across America. Reckless and how we disposed of -- -- The earth and the waterways aren't some massive dumping ground -- -- she says. People come to her. Because they don't know where else to go. Nobody really knows more welcome you get people like Barbara post of Carson California. Post but her dream house and into -- of homes built in the 1960. The 55 acre tract was 285. Houses on it is called the -- cell. We are trapped. We are between a rock and a hard place and that's because when the folks who bought their homes. They didn't know that the carousel was sitting on top of what had -- -- Shell Oil reservoir. Shells sold the land to a developer who promised to clean it up. But the home owners say no one not shell or the developer. Warn them about the all I'm afraid to get tested for cancer because I think I think I would rather just not -- anything else -- Let. I children and -- have children. But Auburn many neighbors means the very -- is now bubbling up in their back yards admitting that chemical benzene. And while -- says they're tested in the current levels do not present an imminent health risk. They have now warned locals to avoid disturbing the soil. -- the neighbors are trying to keep their kids and dogs from digging in the -- Brockovich and the law -- she works with providing keys are now suing shell. Communities don't want jobs to go away all but there's got to be a tradeoff here they don't -- -- -- either company's. -- have a heart -- I mean that's their children out there that's their neighbor out there and that's another part of the American dream. Community. Can't here. -- brings us to another hot spot on Brockovich is -- Duncan Oklahoma. His neck looking all that today and extrapolating in April -- -- words. Residents here contacted -- about a contaminant called perchlorate which had seeped into their whales. And -- is no longer hold any water the source. Halliburton plant that cleaned -- missile casings during the Cold War. Halliburton tells us they have accepted responsibility for the problem and are working with the communities to clean it up. I can imagine some people thing -- home -- saying look. Companies make mistakes companies have to do the manufacturing process nobody sets out to play than anybody isn't about -- Or blaming we need to -- companies and communities together. Because they co exists and one depends on the other there -- going to be a lot of people who listen to you and say. Okay important that we have -- healthy water but where an economic. Crisis in this country right. We need jobs of course when jobs. There's an opportunity here to create jobs in science. And technology. In developing new ways to dispose of our waste you planned to people to work. Spring back. And is worth in this fight that I will continue to do. Everything I.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Cynthia McFadden checks in on Brockovich's latest crusades for clean water","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15126775","title":"Erin Brockovich Fights On","url":"/Nightline/video/erin-brockovich-fights-15126775"}