Exclusive: Video Shows Drunk US Defense Contractors

Kabul video shows "a frat house for adults," says whistleblower.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Exclusive: Video Shows Drunk US Defense Contractors
Tonight, shocking behavior caught on tape. Employees of a big u.S. Defense contractor in afghanistan appearing extremely drunk, fumbling and shirtless, on the job. A cell phone video obtained exclusively by abc news is igniting outrage over a scene that looks more like a rowdy frat house than the operations center of a company paid to carry out u.S. Policy overseas. Abc's brian ross brings us this investigation. Reporter: In a place wre terrorists have and will attack, at any time, these are some of the men being paid by american taxpayers to help provide security for u.S. Civilian personnel 24/7. The security manager for an american company scientific, with a $47 million contract from the pentagon, staggeringly drunk in the operations center. Kevin. Come on. Reporter: This is the company's medical officer. Wived out, stoned, after shooting up with narcotics. Please snap out of it. Reporter: And this is the company's top on-site executive, in front of a bonfire, where, according to former employees, live ammunition rounds were tossed into the flames. It was like a frat house for adults. Reporter: The footage was provided to abc news by former employees john melson and kenny smith. And was this an every night thing like this? No, sir, it wt every night. It was every other night. Like this! Boom! Nothing! Boom! Reporter: They say the video documents allegations in a lawsuit about what they claim was dangerous, illegal behavior that put american lives at risk. It was going against everything what we were trying to do over there and this arrogant image that americans have worldwide, this was feeding right into it. Reporter: This all took place, they say, earlier this year in kabul, afghanistan, in a building just a few blocks away from the u.S. Embassy. A command center for jorge scientific, hired under the u.S. Legacy program to provide security and train afghan police in counter-insurgency and professional standard. It was like the opposite. Instead of training the forces, they taught them americans can't be counted on. Reporter: But the video shows behavior in sharp contrast to professional standards. And, to u.S. Army rules and jorge's on corporate policy that there's supposed to be zero toll raps for alcohol or drug use. Anybody who uses alcohol or drugs around armed weapons is putting themselves and others in tremendous amount of danger. Reporter: This retired u.S. Army general, now an abc news general, oversaw contractors when he served in iraq. And says in this case, it seems clear there was a failure of oversight by someone in the u.S. Military. A indications that I've seen so far would indicate that somebody missed something. Reporter: The two former employees say this night was the final straw. As the country's security director, eric miller, engage in a drunken wrest. Ing h that went on until the wee hours of the morning. Drunk? Direct. Reporter: Drinking what, vodka? Vodka, yes, sir. Reporter: Could they have been possibly ready for an attack? No, sir. Reporter: What were you thinking as you saw this? Toe at ttal disbelief. Reporter: Miller told abc news what happened that night was not as bad as the video suggests. Smith says the only way he knew to stop it was to get rid of the or. And I just took it upon myself to take it to the bathroom and pour it out. Reporter: Later, smith went to get help from the medic, kevin carlson. Smith says he found him completely out of it, high from shooting up a narcotic called ketamine. Something a shamed carlson has come forward to admit. You don't want to come up here looking like that. It was getting to be such a nightmare, just living in that place. I needed to get away. Reporter: Carlson, now living in germany, was fired by jorge scientific. He told abc news he wants the truth about what he calls massive drug and alcohol abuse at the contractor to come out, including his oinvolvement. If I try to hide what I did, it doesn't make me look very good anyway, so -- I'd rather just be honest about what happened. Reporter: Watchdog groups say the behavior over the years of some u.S. War contractors threatens to undercut u.S. Efforts in iraq and afghanistan. This video was made three years ago in kabul, showing a wild party put on by a different set of contors. In charge of security for the u.S. Embassy. A video first exposed by the project on government oversight. We're relying more and more on contractors in afghanistan, as our troops are pulling out. These are the people that are left behind and are reflecting the united states. And it has got to be that there's more sense of oversight on the part of the military and the u.S. Government to make sure these contractors are not actually undermining the diplomatic mission by their behavior. Reporter: Jorge scientific says it agrees, the behavior on that video was unacceptable and says it has fired our placed on leave all those involved. And, following questions from abc news, the u.S. Army's criminal investigation division opened an investigation into what the video showed. And they might want to ask why, for months, authorities in the u.S. Military did not seem to know it was going on.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Kabul video shows \"a frat house for adults,\" says whistleblower. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17504541","title":"Exclusive: Video Shows Drunk US Defense Contractors","url":"/Nightline/video/exclusive-video-shows-drunk-us-defense-contractors-17504541"}