Exploring the 'Island of Lemurs: Madagascar'

Filmmakers got creative, even used a hot air balloon, to capture incredible footage for IMAX film.
3:00 | 04/05/14

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Transcript for Exploring the 'Island of Lemurs: Madagascar'
Is there an animal cute enough people will travel all over the world to see? Lemures may look like stuffed animal, but there's much more Nan meets the eye. I defy you to not immediately fall in love with them. This is the lemur. They come in more than 100 flavors. There another the dancing lee mur, the ring tail remur, and the black and white lemur. They only live in one place on Earth, the country of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. This place and these animals are now the subject of a new imax movie called island of lemurs. It's an exceedingly difficult place to film, especially given the elaborate equipment necessary for an I max movie. With no roads, the director used a hot air balloon to get some shots and forced scores of locals to carry their gears around. Two or three steps off the pathway and you can't find the pathway anymore. Reporter: But for all the difficulties, the shots they captured, amaze. Like this lemur, famous for its loud cry. It's really the pop star of the lemur. It's like air horns suddenly blasting off at you. One of the stars of the movie is Dr. Patricia Wright, an American primatologist who once spent months searching for the greater baboon lemur. There he was, feasting on crunchy young bamboo shoots. One of the things she loved about lemurs, the females are in charge. The females sits where she wants to sit, leads them where she wants to lead them. And she's the boss. What was it like having an imax team follow you around? I thought they would be terrifi terrified? But no. A crane would go up and they would kind of look at it and they wouldn't run away. I can personally attest to the lemur's agreeable nature. A few years ago, I went to M Madagascar myself. They always look slightly horrified. Watch out. He likes my camera. I even got to see the dancing lemurs up close. This is why they call them dancing lemurs. But to see one of the more rare and adorable of all, we were told we needed to travel all the way up to the northern part of the country into a towering and dauntingly beautiful landscape that looks like a set from jurassic park. This is supposed to be the most beautiful lemur in the world? It was a long slippery hike that involved an unfortunate number of leeches. . Finally, we saw them. They looked like cotton balls with tails. They are two lemurs. They're quite beautiful as prommed. And they don't seem to mind at all that we're here. Actually, there are three, four. In fact, there were seven in this family. They spend their days eating, grooming, scampering and playing. We're pretty close to them. We get very close. Yeah. They're not afraid of people. There's not many predators so they're not scared of us? Yeah, exactly. Not many predators here, but there is real danger to all of the lemurs of the Madagascar. Illegal loggers have been pillaging the forest the lemurs need to survive. How much trouble is the lemur in right now? The lemur is in big right now. 91% of them are endangered of extinction. Our oldest ancestor now under threat from the most dangerous primate of all -- man. Do you hope the movie can make a big difference? I think the movie is going to make a great difference. Right now, nobody knows what the lemur. But once you see the movie is out there, you see how beautiful they move and how beautiful they are, I think everyone is going to want to save lemurs. So the dance of the lemur can carry on. I'm Dan Harris in New York. The I ma, movie is now in theatres.

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{"id":23204621,"title":"Exploring the 'Island of Lemurs: Madagascar'","duration":"3:00","description":"Filmmakers got creative, even used a hot air balloon, to capture incredible footage for IMAX film.","url":"/Nightline/video/exploring-island-lemurs-madagascar-23204621","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}