Extreme Fish Hunter Uses Pitchforks, Water Skies

"Showtime" Eric Young learns the bizarre ways to snag the big one on Animal Planet.
3:00 | 09/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Fish Hunter Uses Pitchforks, Water Skies
Well some fishermen opt for a split bamboo fly rod in hand tied wooly worm. Others lighted stick of dynamite and somewhere in between is a modern medieval -- gone fishing inspired by an invasive and aggressive strain of -- It involves a pitchfork. And water skis and ABC's Alex Perez went along for the -- I finished torpedoes it's -- -- -- -- warfare waters he's. -- pitchfork in football helmets is all Eric young's got to fight back his target. -- hungry flying fish there are threatening to invade the Great Lakes slapping fishermen along the way. It's like the thirty can't -- -- -- and yet thirty miles -- hours or it doesn't hurt by. Well aware that got him. You may have seen showtime Eric Young anchored down in the ring big -- the pro wrestler has set sail for a whole new challenge. From Florida to California address in the war over the stream -- I took the -- and met up with -- Eric on the banks of the Illinois River. So what have you learn about fishing as you go along the way here. These guys -- American ingenuity -- -- is asking whether spears show is about its meeting these interest and people that are tenacious and hard working. They found dangerous extreme work ingenious ways of catching pitched. Animal planet's off the hook extreme catches follows Eric as you -- -- -- ways to get fish on the -- -- paddle boards to -- in sharks. To free -- spear fishing. For striped bass. Today's target a species of the insidious Asian cars imported by catfish farmers in the seventies to clean their pond. If they were getting their -- to devastate their crowding out the native fish. You know this this whole story from year old left juridical -- ground zero and now a battle against time and the fish that just can't seem to be stopped. They spawned three times a year they 40% of their body waited in plankton. And have known to growth and beyond. To help American me navigate the waters and -- -- in -- Hoffman. It's. The fury -- car. Did you lose -- superhero YouTube video with waters tubes and homemade armored. Has catapulted them to fish biting thing. Been an evolution though you know it's with a football moment you know we -- -- -- that sort circuits -- things now it's time for meted joined the -- -- going to war. I mean adults pretty close Internet ticket -- Daryn what's the strategy strategy is what you hooked a fish. Slam into the garbage can. -- -- as well don't bow. -- You'll see -- start jumping in front of the boat and -- just be ready within seconds the sound of the boat's motor makes that car crazy. There -- receivers. Just as were on -- -- and our car catching competent. And -- We get smacked right back into reality that doesn't hurt as much as I expected -- it just kinda like surprise yet one more battle in the back. Until the next expedition nice couch and here -- your natural -- this extreme team on vision. For Nightline I'm -- right -- river.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Showtime\" Eric Young learns the bizarre ways to snag the big one on Animal Planet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17277364","title":"Extreme Fish Hunter Uses Pitchforks, Water Skies","url":"/Nightline/video/extreme-fish-hunter-pitchforks-water-skies-17277364"}