Extreme Makeovers: Plastic Surgery to Look Jennifer Lawrence?

Meet the woman who underwent six procedures to look like the "American Hustle" actress.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Makeovers: Plastic Surgery to Look Jennifer Lawrence?
As Jennifer Lawrence rocketed to fame -- -- Miles away and Houston Texas another woman to turn -- people -- comparing me to her. On the streets that at my workplace things like fat kitty is a thirty year old trainer. Wife mother and mega fan of Jennifer Lawrence the voluptuous Oscar nominated star who lit up American -- I can appreciate. That her personality is funky and fun. I can appreciate that her body in Spain but kitty is about to take her. And -- status to extremes willing to pay for six plastic surgery procedures. To -- herself into looking even more like Jennifer Lawrence and. This new movie parody already. Member of wounds celebrities people bringing images as certainly knows his. -- -- Portuguese operations she's going on for Jennifer Lawrence may go currently searching Franklin -- she had her -- in -- -- him she can beat this. And consumer. Incidents -- its. By the end of her appointment kitty is scheduled for six procedures total cost. 25000. Dollars minus discount from the doctor for appearing on television. Liberty bring kitty has his second motivations of the effects of motherhood. -- having my daughter I wasn't quite as comfortable with my body and I always had men. -- -- -- husband Eric is unconvinced. That she even needs cosmetic surgery. Jennifer Lawrence is an -- celebrity that I have. Particularly strong feelings about one way or another it's. To -- her choice. What if those Chinese. -- supply is about -- -- immune discussed it. But there is one thing this couple may benefit from. I think those are -- on progress excited because if it improves it for me it's ultimately going to -- -- for him and that's how it works. I don't problem and -- you don't know. Maintenance company. Crown ten. This is behind the cheeks and she's always heeded these wounds he -- she looks. We're just putting some little surgical marks people down. And now it's time to operate liposuction from her face. And -- you know fat grafting. And much more. A nose job he could very see through school and you know how nice the noses. And breast augmentation. After six long hours in the operating room. Kitty is wheeled into recovery she did great who took office in the hips and thighs and -- and abdomen. -- -- -- And kitty is finally brought in for the night. I -- -- The ones who walk currently spineless the next morning kitty is becoming increasingly doctors. -- -- actually yes I think isn't hurting his business. And -- looking in the magazine are remembering. What exactly -- going floor city's recovery will take a few weeks. It's four weeks later and we check in on kitty and her wannabe. With a life size cut out for comparison. And cars. -- I think hatteras islands in the frontlines apartment surgery and I think after my surgery my features are more crying. Reading -- her more. No it wasn't your goal to you know to spice -- -- Sex -- and yet it is an interesting -- products it is I don't think saying he expected it can't work that way. Did -- catch up Gartner. -- just a little bit. As -- -- realized snow. So was it worth the thousands of dollars this is not a small ticket item -- won't -- that. We did that come into discussions basically them money that I had for investments money and I had saved from a previous job and -- semi finals. Kitty gets ready for her big Jennifer Lawrence reveal. Shopping for ball down getting fancy -- and a new hand. And you are ready for the red carpet -- He was just beautiful the man who transformed her doctor rose -- looks like -- somebody apparently traffic Jessica Rabbit. She looks like a cross between Jessica -- Jennifer Lawrence -- We -- the grass to an ice -- the CE cuffy and then of course we sculpted the -- -- communities. It's would you ever -- turn away a patient. Like city and just say -- -- upgrade. I turn away patients all the time and after evaluating 14151000. New consultations. By this point in my career. You can tell very quickly within a matter of minutes. If a patient is well assistant -- -- will insisted the doctor compares the original to his version. Look at the facial features you know this this case is creating this is more definition than we realize mystery here. This is -- noon cheeks were hiring -- The couple -- the complexion on this patient on the content of its. When you look in -- now what do you -- Militant are now I still see myself I don't see it slightly. Changed for the better. -- -- -- Hand what kind of role modeling is that. For your daughter. To say okay well -- -- tweet this and do this and get six plastic surgeries I think the role modeling for my daughter is I can do and it Maine that I want in June because I'm as congress saying this is a what I know I want I went and did it and I'm happy with my results yeah. For Nightline and juju Chang in Houston.

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{"id":23224549,"title":"Extreme Makeovers: Plastic Surgery to Look Jennifer Lawrence?","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the woman who underwent six procedures to look like the \"American Hustle\" actress.","url":"/Nightline/video/extreme-makeovers-plastic-surgery-jennifer-lawrence-23224549","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}