Extreme Marathon in the Amazon Jungle

Heat, mud and giant tarantulas test racers' physical and mental limits.
3:08 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Extreme Marathon in the Amazon Jungle
Our ancestors caught dinner with pointed sticks and tonight we ordered takeout sushi thus it is hard to argue that the human animal of the western world. Is getting tougher as time goes by but. The popularity of extreme races has exploded the ranks of folks eager to run across deserts. Or crawl through -- or in tonight's case raced through the Amazon for a week. On -- it sounds like the super bowl of masochism than ABC's Matt Gutman glad to check it out for our series. Into the walk. Still go to Brazil for the pristine beaches would lean cuisine and the exotic wildlife. -- -- -- -- -- I. Know how. We'll -- got. Pacific. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 49 torturous miles. Seventy. Once a year troubled world -- -- athletes -- thousands of dollars. Who suffered through my mind bending agony you -- jungle paradise. Yeah surely Thompson runs and a veteran of multiple -- herself. She's got the bill of holding her but the mentality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty appropriate place -- former beauty -- We arrival in game one where we meet doctor to Goldstein a former needs Florida and current veterinarian. Running this race in memory of her dog Strider. For whom she created the -- strong foundation and for folks like -- who marathon begins long before that starting. Races endure multiple flights from Miami announced that -- and finally to -- to -- A three awards spine cracking cheap rides. And then this -- ride in a leaky canoe everything you need to eat sleep and -- his -- in when you lose your back. -- The first two days -- comparative -- Even though this swamp sort impenetrable. And the clients and it's this stuff. It was just the stock Jolie is already well bush. She's emotionally from her body used to visit -- tomorrow. -- -- more. We get -- -- tomorrow -- area and not stop. No. Way that but I -- read runners are already exhausted and even -- done. Had to get a closer look that strong that's front runner -- and -- As Scott who spent a year of training. If he is here. And didn't complain in the conflict can't afford. -- to. -- -- By now the majority of athletes have lost toenails one it would lose seven at checkpoints like this he stopped -- What's it look at your feet wet for about six hours. Stop for a pedicure. At the pump -- -- I don't think. We of course are traveling needs -- the end. Interchange vehicle bridges and miles into the rainforest. Racers and -- that -- Medics raced to protected. Also wild street racers -- beat the -- the games finished basement an hour ago that. Sometimes they leave it to the tools. He's totally quit the race those many of the runners down giving me a chance to test this part of course and it -- me. -- the consistency of quicksand nearly swallows are Cameron -- -- But twelve hours into this third day of the race still no sign of -- And bed. -- -- -- -- -- I walked with -- the last two miles to the -- finish. They're. Fluid. Morgan -- a couple of different. And as we head to the medics -- Don't you must conduct -- And I don't think it's. The company. The blisters the running -- the hunger. And the blogs he is the -- -- date yet. Five Reuters will -- tonight. -- -- It would get that it is getting that message we -- -- down in our jungle panics. But surely schedule is real but hours later the runners are back on course and -- could you make it. You were still out last night you're delirious. -- And he goes singing to me. We know what was happening -- -- the bubbling idiot. With the race winding down -- gathers the remaining troops to discuss the final stages. Think death march -- -- -- and despite protests. And the course is open from by tomorrow morning until night the funny night. That's 63 miles of jungle most of it overnight in the pitch black. Some long -- Long -- and chances are things around. -- -- going -- Jones. From midnight tonight. -- -- -- they became especially hot. And pretty soon there's mass confusion markers or misplaced runners are lost others spend precious time backtracking. There are -- vehicle concept and really don't know how to do this. And later runners become very barren -- Many -- -- hurt and angry. Back Sharon as Knight insurance -- back into the jungle to find lost runners. -- he's also lost. He's been alone in the dark now homeless. Still. I think. -- With it now. She makes it back at checkpoint old. Finally let's look for our committee. -- hour we'll I -- anything. But these would be it for her -- NG here. Protect -- thirteen 155. Rodgers completed the full 78 race. And -- she crossed the finish line ceremonial and running the last leg. Despite the pain slashing -- beauty queen's mind they confidence that simply put this is son that you're gonna do. Yes that is yet. Not really -- babies -- Nightline I've not gotten somewhere in the end.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Heat, mud and giant tarantulas test racers' physical and mental limits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15805620","title":"Extreme Marathon in the Amazon Jungle","url":"/Nightline/video/extreme-marathon-amazon-jungle-15805620"}