Extreme Wedding Proposals

From spending $40,000 to preparing flash mobs, the wild ways grooms have popped the question.
3:00 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for Extreme Wedding Proposals
The most important moments of your life asking the one -- love to live happily ever after but for some people. Proposing isn't as simple as getting down on one -- it's an elaborate spectacle fit for a storybook ending or a big screen finale. So tonight we look at the industry. Behind over the top proposals. That cost love birds of fortune ABC's -- on a -- injury that goes inside the big business memorable moments and unforgettable. Expenses. Well would you go to make sure that he answer would. Or maybe the question is how much. Thousand 5000 how about 50000 dollars she Milo -- wallet got that her big proposal moment. It's a -- flash mob in Times Square. It's just the second -- country of rainy Indian -- -- -- -- Hollywood has dancing its mandate everything we grew up by itself. It was awesome. The choreographers alone -- her fiance Belmont. Thousand dollars while film crews documented their every move. This we actually described means land. Today extreme proposals are big business. An Italian -- mission it was just another date night with her boyfriend Josh ogle and -- The music came on yeah. It's very much in my character and I think in our relationship for me to try to do things that are being clever and -- -- -- surprise. I didn't realize what was happening. Until I finally grabbed the ring and put it on my finger it. The total price tag including the -- 5000 dollars shortly after the Italians say yes Josh swept his new bride to be often Adventist -- rented. To a restaurant where they were wined and dined by -- celebrity chef. And jetted off to Europe for a post proposal celebration. Going all out. For this proposal was it worth -- because usually have tons of control of what happens at the winning. I do have all the control over what happens at a -- And while these couples can now being -- fond memory. But the big debt. Every year couples spend a whopping seventy billion dollars giving kids with the average wedding costing nearly 30000. And these days simply getting down on one he is a thing of the past and holly upgrade to bring you can never -- ask her in the area. -- -- no she built a small empire planning wedding proposals. I needed trees and I need some white really got -- Nightline got a front row seat but -- all of her through the process of planning that special moment. Is -- -- something simple romantic thing. How curious case -- and outgoing gorgeous I could Wear the head. Mike as sales reps sought out -- help with his proposal to girlfriend Harry amendment issues and yes and -- -- If they Keating getting -- yes according to Sarah -- -- to the original. And we were there with our own hitting cameras when Mike popped the question. I know I haven't told my heart problems and. -- -- -- Yeah. -- been hidden. Traditional. Her planning perfection will cost you up to 101000 dollars. Yeah not going the extra mile can have consequences. Just look up for. A -- thing -- -- -- some -- -- the examples of proposals on van. Like this one at -- UCLA basketball game. Okay. But the Internet is also loaded with romantic ideas. This Portland man is listed to help them as friends and family and a brutal -- song for his proposal and got on a Mattapan. And this new Yorker chartered a boat to dressed up like Peter king and took my question to answer would be when he. Then there's the unique movie trailer proposal with his wife to be watching in the theater. But pretty young married couples about to embark on life's biggest journey heat -- -- extreme proposals can be extremely -- You're talking about a couple -- is going into debt over proposal -- just fastest dangerous is no way to start and acting and it's the last thing about it. One of the things people argue about mostly on marriages is money. An Italian from Brooklyn who handles the couple's checkbook was surprised how far her boyfriend was willing to go. So looking back if you had been privy to his plan would give so let him get away with -- and -- -- and spend that money or would you have sort of you know. -- no I would've been happy he just got down on -- and our kitchen and proposed. She's now planning their wedding. -- have a budget mind yes -- -- And it's not for me Alison it's not -- and it's not it's lost. -- last month. Still Italian says that proposal. Was priceless. To have that feeling and remember that feeling always. I think it is more important than just remembering the words fully man. This is beyond a -- we get for Nightline in New York.

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{"id":18778001,"title":"Extreme Wedding Proposals","duration":"3:00","description":"From spending $40,000 to preparing flash mobs, the wild ways grooms have popped the question. ","url":"/Nightline/video/extreme-wedding-proposals-18778001","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}